Brrrr, It’s Getting COLD OUTSIDE!














Brrrrrrr!  It’s getting cold outside!  Parents, please ensure that your child/children come to school wearing winter appropriate clothing.  Even during winter months, we make an effort to have the students go outside, as long as the wind chill is not at a harmful level.  We hope to see those winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves!

Penn Manor Productions Presents….


1st Grade Readers Theaters

Today the first graders in Mrs. Mattern’s class performed nursery rhyme readers theaters.  The students made hats to wear, so the audience  knew who they were.  Many students had the responsibility of multiple parts in their readers theater.  Way to go first grade!  Outstanding job!


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Parent-Teacher Conferences

CM Parents,

We would like to formally welcome you this week for your parent-teacher conference(s). We hope your 15 minute conference provides you with the necessary information to help your child grow throughout this school year.  Please encourage your child to look closely at his/her report card, so he/she can make personal goals for the 2nd marking period.  Also consider having a conversation with your child about another equally important part of the report card – the “Social & Work Habits” section.  This section ties in perfectly with the “7 Habits” that we promote.  All of your support is greatly appreciated.

As a reminder – for Nov. 12th, Nov. 13th & Nov. 14th – Elementary has a 1:30 PM Early Dismissal.












Thank You Veterans!











Wear Red, White & Blue on Veterans Day

On Veterans Day – Tuesday, November 11th, Central Manor will be a patriotic wave of RED, WHITE & BLUE colors! We encourage all students to wear patriotic colors. Central Manor proudly honors all those who have served to protect our freedoms.










November Newsletter





























Fall Themed Writing Opportunity

Our wonderful Academic Support Team (Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Flores & Miss O’Brien) recently encouraged all students to take part in a wonderful writing opportunity.  Mrs. Flores shared with the students how they could go about participating.  Please click on the pictures below and encourage your child to participate!  This is broken into a primary and intermediate writing opportunity.  Hardcopies are available in the school office, you may print out, or your child may certainly just write his/her work on paper and submit.

Primary Challenge


























Intermediate Challenge
















Hello November!

A few important things!

*Please note - this Friday, November 7th is a K-6 elementary in-service day.  NO SCHOOL for elementary students.

*PTO Book Fair – PTO is looking for volunteers to support our WORLD FAMOUS Book Fair!  Please click here to sign up through the SIGNUP GENIUS website:

After clicking on the link, in the “Search By E-mail bar” – enter:  This will take you to the main CM webpage under the SIGNUP GENIUS website.  You can also just send an email directly to:



The Concert of the Year!

Grammy Nominated  Jonathan Sprout recently visited Central Manor on Thursday, October 23rd.  There was singing, there was guitar playing, there was dancing….take our word for it…there was DANCING!  Teachers and students both had a blast while Jonathan entertained and educated us about REAL AMERICAN HEROES. (Samantha Smith, Albert Einstein, Theodore Roosevelt, Dr. Seuss, Juliette Gordon Low and William Penn)  Here are a few “live action shots” of this memorable day.  If your child loved Jonathan’s music – it can be purchased on or digitally purchased on i-tunes.













































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