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Lunch Change

The newest menu will be getting posted and there is a change in the “A” lunch.  Please switch the 9/26 and 9/28 “A” lunch choice. Thank you.

Picture Days Scheduled

picture-day9/27 – Picture Day at Marticville, which includes Conestoga grades 5 & 6

10/5 – Picture Day at Pequea, which includes Conestoga grades K, 1, & 2

10/6 – Picture Day at Martic, which includes Conestoga grades 3 & 4



Bus Involved in Accident

Bus #137 was struck by a car at Main Street and Woods Avenue near Conestoga Elementary School shortly after 4 p.m. Monday, Sept. 19. There were no reports of injuries, and parents of the students involved in the accident are being contacted.

The Conestoga students were returning home from Pequea Elementary School. The accident occurred as the bus was stopped, waiting for students to get off.  Thank you for your understanding with the lateness of getting your child home.

Manager’s Choice Lunch

On the lunch menu for tomorrow, 9/20/16, it states “Manager’s Choice” for “A” lunch. Her choice for tomorrow is bacon cheeserburger with macaroni and cheese.  “B” lunch tomorrow is a steak sandwich.

Please Send in Your Box Tops

The PTO will be collecting Box Tops for Education again this year!  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 to earn money for our school.

  1. BUY your favorite Box Tops products.
  2. CUT OUT the Box Top around the dotted line.
  3. SEND your Box Tops to school with your child.

Conestoga gets cash twice a year for every Box Top collected.  The PTO will use this money to help fund field trips, provide assemblies, and fun activities for our students.  Be sure to ask your friends and family to collect them for our school, too!


Ice Cream Party Fun!

ice-cream-party-2 ice-cream-party-3 ice-cream-party-1 ice-cream-party-4 ice-cream-party-5 ice-cream-party-6 ice-cream-party-7 ice-cream-party-8 ice-cream-party-9 ice-cream-party-12 ice-cream-party-13 ice-cream-party-14 ice-cream-party-15

Penn Manor Info

“Penn Manor School District believes that recess plays an important part in an elementary child’s school day. As part of the revised elementary academic schedule implemented for 2016-2017, daily lunch/recess procedures have been slightly modified at (school name). The modifications have been made as part of the district’s effort to create an elementary schedule that focuses on the academic and developmental needs of elementary children.

Students now have a 20-minute lunch, followed by a 20 minute lunch recess each day. In previous years, students had a 15-minute lunch, a 20-minute lunch recess, and an optional 15-minute recess.

Under the new schedule, the minutes for the optional 15-minute recess utilized in previous years are being spread throughout the day. Teachers are now expected to give their students multiple breaks throughout the day for the remaining time. During these break periods, students may engage in stretching, a short recess or an additional activity, at the discretion of each teacher.

The goal is to give teachers greater control in determining when students need a break versus having the schedule dictate the break. This is something the elementary principals will continue to monitor throughout the year so that adjustments can be made as necessary.

If you have any specific questions about this change, please contact your child’s principal and/or teacher.”

Order your “Comets Unite to Fight” T-Shirt

Last year, the PMSD sports programs and schools raised over $10,000 that was donated to various cancer care and research centers both locally and nationally.  On behalf of the fall sports programs and the PM Pink Committee, we would like to thank you for your annual support.    Dr. Leichliter has again allowed us to hold a dress down day on Friday, 10/28/2016, and by ordering a t-shirt, we’re supporting a great cause.

The order form is below & shirts can be ordered up until September 28.


School Board Meeting


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