Buses Running Late from Pequea

As first days go, we are working out all the bus glitches. Several of the Pequea buses only pulled out from school at 3:55 so your kids will really be late. Safety and getting students where they are supposed to go are our first concern.  So thank you in advance these first several days.

Instrument Information Night

4th Grade Instrument Information Night

Elementary Schedule Update

The information posted below is from our assistant superintendent for elementary, Dr. Jerry Egan.


Marticville Middle Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

Car riders will be called for dismissal at 3:25 and will be escorted by a teacher outside to the big tree by the mailbox in the first parking lot on your left as you are coming up the driveway.  Parents please turn into the first parking lot ONLY, to pick up.  Thank you.

Martic Pick Up/Drop Off Routine


Conestoga Students at MVMS Lunch/Breakfast

Lunches for our 5th & 6th graders will be a little different this year. Our children will be able to get the middle school lunches at elementary prices, with the exception of being able to go in to the McComet line every day. There will always be an “A” lunch and a variety of sandwiches offered every day. Wednesdays there will be a salad bar offered, too. As far as breakfast, once again, elementary prices and a variety of breakfast foods will be offered.


Lunch $2.35

reduced lunch $.40

Breakfast $1.25

reduced breakfast $.30

Pequea’s Dedication is Sunday

In case you missed the Pequea open house this week, Pequea is having a building rededication ceremony and open house on Sunday, August 21, from 2 to 4 p.m.

Following the ceremony, the building will be open for self-guided tours until 4 p.m.  A school picnic will be held on the grounds until 5 p.m.  All events are open to the public.


Pequea Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

Here is a map of the designated pick up/drop off area at Pequea.

Pequea Arrival-Dismissal Map

Elementary Cycle Day Schedule

As many of you know, we have adopted a new 4 day cycle at the elementary level.  We have added a page to our blog titled “Elementary Cycle Day Schedule.”  This page can be found along the top of our blog.  Under this page, you will find calendars that keep track of the current cycle day.  Your family may find these helpful in tracking your child’s specials.

Student Accident Insurance

Student accident insurance


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