The Few

It was a cold, winter night. The fog in the air made it almost impossible for people to see in front of them. This weather was specifically chosen for the kind of operation going on tonight. The kind of business today needed pure stealth, and the fog not only gave them this stealth, but also stopped their target from being able to go anywhere. The Agent Squad was on their mission…

The mission was simple, but crucial to the protection of the world. Their job was to collect a nuclear heat bomb, which didn’t explode like a nuke, but would set a huge heat wave off that would first make a certain area hot, then force it into a chilling -10℃. This would force the British into submission, giving the Irish full control of the British Isles. Normally, this would just be a civil war, but the Irish began to use dangerous weapons against the British. This was no longer a civil war, it was a war of genocide on both sides.

The Agent Squad isn’t allied with either the British or the Irish, but is instead a private military force. The Agent Squad is one of the most well known private military groups on the planet, also giving them the title of the most controversial private military groups on the planet. The recently formed PAN (Peace Among Nations) has their own groups going around the world doing diplomatic talks, stopping most conflicts except those in the middle east and asia. That makes this one of the most important missions in the Agent Squad’s history. Continue reading


Sophistication is the wealthy’s defense

The proper way of the world

A dignified young lady

Standing straight up without a slouch

A polite way of talking

Saying please and thank you

A pressed suit with a perfectly straight tie

And a flowy dress bowing before a dance

Being knowledgeable about the world

And kind to the people that pass you on the street

Ally Moyer



Who is duck

Duck was a good guy

Duck was getting married tomorrow

Duck was stranded

Duck didn’t know what to do

Duck walked for miles

Duck was still lost

Duck fell in a hole

Duck heard noise

Duck screamed

Duck saw it getting closer

Duck saw a white light

Duck woke up…

Btw duck is a rock on route 66

Coty Pike

Fictional World

If I visited a fictional world

Where all were mad

And the walls swirled

I wouldn’t think it bad

For I would have daily chats

With the Cheshire Cat

I would go and see

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

And meet the Mad Hatter for a cup of tea

I would listen as they sum

Up the stories in their dreams

For nothing is truly what it seems

I would assure the White Rabbit is on the dime

I will help the Dormouse stay awake

He needs to learn to manage his time

And a lot of cups of tea that will take

I will not touch anything that says “eat me”

No matter how appealing they may be

I will teach the flowers that humans are beautiful too

I will remind the Oysters that the Walrus lies Nothing of what they already knew

Maybe they’ll see past his disguise

Hopefully Absalom doesn’t choke

On his giant cloud of smoke

I will help the Dodo realise there’s no point to run

I will convince the King to stand up to his wife

For the waves will still come

Otherwise it’ll be his neck under the knife

This world is not as you were told

To survive you must be bold

I will play kroke with the Queen

I will make sure the cards choose roses that are red

Hopefully she doesn’t make a scene

Otherwise it will be off with their heads

Run Alice run

For we’re all going mad one by one

Emma Hamaker 

New Park, Pennsylvania

I am from New Park, Pennsylvania which you’ve probably never heard of

I’m from the house at the bottom of the hill

I am from a town where everybody knows each other

I am from Gretchen, the lady who makes the coffee at the gas station

I’m from a family so close you would swear we have rubber bands around us

I’m from Peppermint, who was a cat, but more like a friend

I am from vegetable gardening with Poppop to flower gardening with Mommom

I’m from “Play with fire & you wet the bed!” whenever my cousins and I started burning the marshmallows for fun

I am from cornfields that never stopped

I am from being the girl whose Daddy went to jail

After my uncle died, I was from “Never go past the driveway!”

I am from Nascar and making deer jerky on Sundays after church with Poppop

I’m from pictures being taken again and again and again

I’m from my cousin and long time best friend Abby Rae

I’m from camouflage rain boots, boy clothes, and sparkly tiaras

I am from Aunt Tay Tay who had me convinced she wore a perfume labeled Cigarette

I’m from bee stings, bug bites, bruised knees, and scabs

I’m from time traveling to the future everyday in my backyard

I am from New Park, Pennsylvania which you’ve probably never heard of

Cameron Males

The Thing I Miss the Most

Watching the competition step onto the field.

Seeing the girls get into formation.

Feeling butterflies just waiting for the whistle.

Watching the ref blow the starting whistle.

Hearing the crowd yell my name.

Touching the ball for a through in.

Having grass and dirt flying around like little airplanes.

Waiting in anticipation for the penalty kick.

Drinking water like a fish.

Sprinting up and down the field like a lost dog.

Hearing cheers from all around.

Hearing the final whistle being blown like a train.

Running off the field.

Clapping the losers hands.

Being handed a trophy.

Falling asleep in the car.

Loving the beautiful game.

Madison Mowery


Aleppo Syria

The saddest place is syria.

It is the worst area.

It should be peaceful,

But it is more hateful.

It would make you cry,

Or maybe even mad.

They would like some honey,

Or just a little bit of money.

They would love to be here,

And they would be happy and cheer.

Vanesha Vazquez

There’s Always Adventure

I’m from twirling spaghetti and slurping it up as fast as I can, so I won’t get spaghetti sauce on my mouth.

I’m from a neighborhood named Lakewood Estates which is in the middle of nowhere.

I’m from a sister who is in Philadelphia making it seem like I’m an only child.

I’m from creek hopping and Crayfish snapping at my fingers.

I’m from four cats giving me a cold and a dog barking at every loud noise that comes in the house.  

I’m from a long trip up to Allentown to see my favorite cousins.

I’m from the freshly cut grass that just came from the running lawnmower.

I’m from “Duuddee” every time my dad and I greet from him coming home from work.

I’m from Led Zeppelin and Nathaniel Rateliff blaring from the radio.

I’m from crossing the woods to meet my best friend Jake at his house.

I’m from the smell of the smoke from the fire burning and staying up until 1am.

I’m from the vast lands of Italy.

I’m from being disgruntled every time the Eagles play.

Caleb Leanza

How I Remembered It…

What it’s all about: This poem is based off of the horrible disasters in Aleppo, Syria. Sadly, at this time there was war  happening, and all the beauty was destroyed. The perspective I had on this poem is: what if you went back to a place you knew and loved, and found it ruined. All you have to hold on are what you remembered. Hints the name of the poem “How I Remembered It” . As you read this poem, think of your favorite place one day only to find it destroyed the next. I will leave you with this one burning question as you read this poem. How can I help?

A place,

that I had come to know.

Full of golden streets,

And market sweets.

A place where the

laughter and enjoyment are

heard from every corner.

Old architecture says hello

to the new flowers that bloom differently every year.

Too bad the flowers won’t get a hello this year, or the next…

Sadly, there will be no flowers or architecture,

there will be nothing at all.

Everything was dull…

There was more rubble, sadness, and war.

What once was beauty, is now ruined forever.

The sound I hear now are cries and screams for a better day.

Everything was gone…

That’s how I see it now… and that’s how I will remember it…

Valentina Zamora


Where I’m From

I’m from Lake Wallenpaupack, north of a two-thousand foot mountain.

I’m from loving the cold.

I’m from chanting “Paupack Pride” every Friday night, and hearing On Wisconsin played by the school marching band.

I’m from parasailing on the third largest lake in Pennsylvania.

I’m from clearing a path through the snow for your car before going to school.

I’m from driving 20 miles to the closest store.

I’m from being surrounded by forests.

I’m from cool summers and cold winters.

I’m from enjoying peace and quiet.

I’m from laying on the roof, relaxing, enjoying the summer sun.

I’m from sitting, wrapped in a warm blanket, talking to my best friends over XBOX, or Skype during blizzards.

I’m from sitting on my porch, playing guitar for hours on end, often to get a single lick right.

I’m from creating stupid things with my friends, like a bike with skis on it to take down the ski slopes.

I’m from eating the best chicken parmesan that I have ever tasted.

I’m from not caring what people think.

I’m from The Dark Side of the Moon.

I’m from knowing that two of the most important things in life are friends and family.

Michael Gorman