NE Patriot Players (in 6 Word Memoirs)

Best sixth round pick for ever.(Tom Brady Quarterback)


Huge, powerful, and unstoppable nose tackle.(Vince Wilfork Nose Tackle)


Gronk, Huge target, Big miss match.(Rob Gronkowski Tight End)


Wide receiver worse nightmare Darrelle Revis.(coverback)


Mayo, the leader of the defence.(Jerod Mayo Middle Linebacker)


Devin McCourty, ball hawking free safety.


College quarter converted NFL wide receiver.(Julian Edelman)


Best special teamer in the NFL.(Matthew Slater)

–Tristen Capitao

OCD Messing With My Head (6 word memoirs)

When my hand touches gross gum

that is squished under the desk.

The chills go down my back.

The feeling I get is unfathomable.

No matter how hard I try,

the fear I live with everyday,

is hard for me to understand.

My Obsession-Compulsive disorder is crazy.

I elaborate details in my head.

Over the years, I’ve been sick.

Avoiding every germ is my specialty.

Human or animal saliva is disgusting.

Thinking about it makes me cringe.

Anything that is contaminated with saliva

I try hard to avoid it.

—Allie Stoltzfus



Where I’m From

I Am From nowhere

I Am From a family that never stays in an area

I Am From a loving family of promises and no doings

I Am From a teaching to take care of and fend for myself

I Am From a life of absence with my father working until after I’m asleep for school

I Am From a family that has constant money struggles and worries

I Am From a split household, and having a mom that was only around when she needed to be

I Am From a family with no routines or traditions

I Am From a world of despair and dishonestly

I Am From a life with continuous struggle and pain

I Am From a family with constant irresponsibility and disrespect

I Am From an area with people who judge you on how you look or what you have

I Am From a raising that has taught me to deal with my issues by myself

I Am From a raising that has made me turn people away because of trust issues

I Am From a world where everyone takes advantage and cheats everything they can

I Am From a world where people are only worried about themselves

I Am From no home, no help, and no relationships

I Am From a place, no specific place but I plan to leave that place when I find it. Forever.


It all starts with a calm.

Like the day before the storm.

All is normal.

Then the storm slowly creeps upon you.

You saw the warning signs, but you ignored them.

Now it’s too late.

It’s already here.

You try to run, but there’s nowhere to run to.

You try to hide, but you’re in an open field.

The tears of frustration come.

Yet the storm rages on.

You warn everyone to stay away.

Now you’re left all alone.

The storms billows every day.


You reach your breaking point.

The loneliness and anger.

The fear and anxiety.

It becomes too much.

The pressure of it all takes you and breaks you over its knee.

Then you’re gone.

We miss you.

Then it all ends and the calm makes a return.

But not without the damage the storm left behind.

—–Kambria Foehlinger

Aging of Fear

A little kid

The dark

Monsters under the bed

Scary noises outside the bedroom window

Creatures in the closet


A teenager

High school

Beginning to drive

Who you will sit with at lunch

Losing your supposed friends

What kind of person you will be categorised as

Not graduating on time


Love life


An adult

Job lose

Financial problems


Retirement homes


Failure throughout life

Loss of family members


Old Abandoned House

On a dark humid night,

The clouds roll over an old abandoned house,

Rain pours from the sky,

Lightning strikes and lights it up,

Trees falling, wind rapidly blowing,

Thunder screaming while  a tornado circles up,

The old abandoned house is soon to be gone,

Tornado fully forms, and rips the house off the ground,

Gone, just like that


By: Sean Borden


Never Know

You walk through the halls

same smirk on your face

everyday the same old way

you push people down

to get what you want

not thinking about them

or the pain you have caused

i walk with my head down

because i know we will never be the same

but inside my intense soul i know you have problems of your own

why you take it out on others

i shall never know

                                        By: Hannah Conver

Internal Agony by Brielle Bitts

The way she slides the blade across her skin

it makes her forget about her day

for she knew it was wrong

but she didn’t know a healthy way


Her anger accumulated

until rage filled her

She bottled up her sadness

until her tears slowly slipped away


She wanted to talk to someone

but nobody was there to listen

She tried to listen to music

but the pain kept coming back; taunting her


She tried various things

but nothing seemed to help

So she picked up the razor

saying the same thing she always does …”This will be my last time…”



There it goes



Dad says “he’s proud”

Off the backboard

it’s in

Off the backboard

I almost missed it

Dad says “that’s fine”

It didn’t even hit the rim

I try again

It went way left

I turn around

Dad went inside

I shoot


“I’m proud” says the net

If I Could Remember

If I could remember the way you smiled.

If I could remember you and mom laughing and carrying on like parents do.

If I could remember how funny everyone tells me you were.

If I could remember how much you loved my mom.

If I could remember you holding me when I was little.

If I could remember how close my family once was.

If I could remember you calling me your little diamond.

If I could just remember how much I was a daddys girl.

If I could just remember my dad.

But I was just too young to remember when you passed away.


I am From the Brick House

I’m from the brick house at the of the street, and the newly built cedar-shingle in Doe Run Hills.

I’m from pork and sauerkraut at Gma’s and vegetable bihon at Gpa’s.

I’m from the beautiful city of Prague, and a small town in Germany.

I’m from winning 1st place at Ganogathon four years in a row.

I’m from the delicious smell of bacon rousing me from sleep.

I’m from yelling the words to every country song on the radio.

I’m from late night adventures with my best friends.

I’m from watching the sun set from a paddle boat for longer than I can remember.

I’m from kayaking for miles and hiking long trails.

I’m from “cheer up there is always a reason to smile.”

Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 13: Starting Over

Derek eyed Brent. Brent eyed Derek. It had felt like forever since they had last seen each other. To Brent this reunion felt like they both were starting over, but to Derek it felt like it was meeting an old friend after they have changed over a number of years. Brent and Derek could do nothing but stand still. Standing still and looking into the other’s eyes.

“Brent?” Derek asked. He looked at Brent as if it wasn’t him. He looked at him like he was a mannequin. Derek thought to himself. “Is this really him? Of course it is! Who else would it be?”

“I haven’t seen you in a little while,” Brent said. He held out his hand. “Nice to see you… again.”

Derek gazed at Brent’s hand as if it were an inappropriate gesture. He eventually held out his hand and shook Brent’s. “You, too.”

Kris interceded into the conversation. “Great, now you two can catch up on what’s been going on. Kind of like… starting over.” Continue reading

Darkness in the Game: Electric Shock – Chapter 12: Reunion

Brent opened his eyes. He was groggy. Brent felt a forced pushing motion against his ribs.

“Brent… Brent… get up! We’re here!” It was Issac. Issac lightly kicked Brent in his ribs again. “Come on, Brent, wake up!”

Brent groaned. “What?”

“I think we’re in your home town,” Issac said.

Brent suddenly was wide awake. “Really?” He jolted up to his feet. They were all in a store. A video game store. “This place… I remember this place. It’s… Just Press Play. I live near here. My house is right across the street.”

“So, do you have any idea where the next shard of the Technology Triforce is?” Xavier said, approaching both Brent and Issac.

Brent dropped his head disappointedly. “No. Not a clue.”

Jason approached Brent. “It wouldn’t hurt to search your house first, would it?”

Brent shook his head. “Not at all.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Jason said.

The guys and Penny started to leave the store. Not much has changed since Brent had left. The only difference now was that the sky was now a beautiful shade of blue instead of its old, dark gray. Birds have started to chirp and sing along with one another. Cars had been driving along the roads that have seen better days. The roads were broken. They were covered with potholes, large cracks, and more. It had seemed that no one has either noticed, or even cared about what had happened approximately a week ago. In a weird way, Brent was actually getting used to the dark sky, havoc everywhere world. In retrospect, Brent had forgotten what his hometown felt, sounded, and looked like before this had all started.

Brent was glad to be back home, but he knew he couldn’t rest and feel like he was on vacation… he was in the middle of an important mission. At least it felt like a mission to him.

Brent and the group walked across the street and stood in front of Brent’s front door. Brent knocked on the door and waited. He looked to the right and saw a car. He remembered that it was his parents’ car. They were home. Brent felt happy knowing that at least his parents were home, but what would they say about Brent’s sudden disappearance….

The door opened and his mom opened the door. “Oh, Brent. I just got off the phone with Kris. He said that you’ve left your controller at his house. Go ahead and get it. I’m make dinner for you and your friends once you get back.”

Brent didn’t think that his mom wouldn’t say anything about the rest of the group, yet she didn’t seem suspicious at all about them. “Okay…” Brent said. At least he could pay a visit to Kris, but one question stayed in Brent’s mind. Why did his mom say that he left a controller at Kris’ house? He was obviously in a different town, but he didn’t want his mom knowing about that. Was Kris covering for him while he was gone? Either way, Brent was happy to see him. It has felt like forever since Brent had seen any of his hometown friends.

“Well, I guess we’re going to my friend’s house,” Brent said. He walked down the sidewalk as the rest of the group followed.

Issac spoke up, “So… how long have you known Kris?”

Brent raised an eyebrow. “Nine years. Why?”

Issac responded. “Breaking the silence. That’s all.”

Brent nodded as if he understood, but he didn’t quite understand it entirely. “Alright, then,” Brent said. They continued to walk to Kris’ house. Brent could see Kris’ house hiding behind a few pine trees. The wind slowly blew sending a breeze through the air. They finally approached Kris’ front door. Brent knocked on it and waited.

The door creaked open. “Hello?” a voice spoke.

Brent tilted his head. “Kris?”

The door opened the rest of the way. “Brent, you’re back!” Kris said. He hugged Brent for a second and asked him what he’s been through since he was gone. Brent explained everything that had happened. The Shocking Snake, the Raydien, and the eagle….

Kris looked jealous, and terrified at the same time. “Wow, that seems… odd,” Kris said. “I’ve got to tell the others that you’re back.”

Brent interrupted Kris. “I can’t stay long.”

“What?” Kris asked.

“I’m helping these guys. Issac’s PlayStation came to life,” Brent answered.

“Oh, well, I can help. I’ll call the others and have them help, too,” Kris said.

“Great, we can use all the help we can get,” Xavier said. Kris looked at him oddly. “Oh, I’m Xavier.”

Kris nodded. “So, who are they?”

“I’m Jason and this is Penny,” Jason said.

Kris nodded. “Alright. I’ll come the others and we’ll meet them at Just Press Play.”

“Wow, we were going to look there first, but there was nothing around so we decided to look around Brent’s house,” Issac said.

“Look for what?” Kris asked.

Brent explained. “There are three pieces of this object called the Technology Triforce. There is the Graphics Shard, the Game Shard, and the Generation Shard. We found the Graphics Shard already. The Game Shard is around here somewhere.”

Kris nodded. “Okay then, let’s go.” He opened his cell phone and texted the others to meet him at Just Press Play. They returned to the store and stood in front of it. The sign was now on the ground. The inside was still dark and the walls around it were electrified. “I wonder why it still looks like this,” Kris said aloud.

“Maybe it’ll remain like this until we defeat the PlayStation,” Brent said.

Kris nodded. “That’s possible.”

They walked inside the store and sat on the floor. With nothing else to do Brent, Kris, and the others waited for Brent’s other friend’s to arrive. They waited… and waited… and waited.

They heard a motor roar down the road and squeal as it stopped outside of the store. The group heard the doors slam shut and the bell of the door ring as it opened. “Is that them?” Penny asked.

Kris turned around. Their friends were standing in front of the door. “Yeah, that’s them.”

“Who are they?” Brooke asked.

“Guys, this is Issac, Xavier, Jason, and Penny. Guys… this is Brooke and…”

Brent turned around. The name of his friend that had continued to evade him now was set in stone in his mind. “Derek.”