Writing is  something that you cherish throughout your years,

and look back upon later in your life.

It’s an easier way to express your feelings

and it just feels right.

When the words start flowing out of you,

everything comes naturally.

It’s something you can’t take for granted,

because it may someday save your life.


Like a suicide note that someone leaves,

telling their family that they’ll be alright.

Then hanging themselves in their closet,

in the silence of the night.


Like that song on the radio,

that makes you go into tears.

And then you go forgive someone,

that you’ve had a grudge with for years.


Like that verse in the bible,

that reminds you that you’re loved.

That there’s someone who cares for you,

in the giant kingdom above.


Like that note your boyfriend gave you,

telling you that he’s done.

When all you really thought

is that you finally found “the one”.


So next time you get a note,

whether from your family or a friend,

cherish that person’s writing

until your untimely end.

You never know if it’s their last day,

or if it’s actually yours,

so cherish every word you see,

especially if it isn’t yours.


     By: Aly Whiteman :)

NE Patriot Players (in 6 Word Memoirs)

Best sixth round pick for ever.(Tom Brady Quarterback)


Huge, powerful, and unstoppable nose tackle.(Vince Wilfork Nose Tackle)


Gronk, Huge target, Big miss match.(Rob Gronkowski Tight End)


Wide receiver worse nightmare Darrelle Revis.(coverback)


Mayo, the leader of the defence.(Jerod Mayo Middle Linebacker)


Devin McCourty, ball hawking free safety.


College quarter converted NFL wide receiver.(Julian Edelman)


Best special teamer in the NFL.(Matthew Slater)

–Tristen Capitao

OCD Messing With My Head (6 word memoirs)

When my hand touches gross gum

that is squished under the desk.

The chills go down my back.

The feeling I get is unfathomable.

No matter how hard I try,

the fear I live with everyday,

is hard for me to understand.

My Obsession-Compulsive disorder is crazy.

I elaborate details in my head.

Over the years, I’ve been sick.

Avoiding every germ is my specialty.

Human or animal saliva is disgusting.

Thinking about it makes me cringe.

Anything that is contaminated with saliva

I try hard to avoid it.

—Allie Stoltzfus



Where I’m From

I Am From nowhere

I Am From a family that never stays in an area

I Am From a loving family of promises and no doings

I Am From a teaching to take care of and fend for myself

I Am From a life of absence with my father working until after I’m asleep for school

I Am From a family that has constant money struggles and worries

I Am From a split household, and having a mom that was only around when she needed to be

I Am From a family with no routines or traditions

I Am From a world of despair and dishonestly

I Am From a life with continuous struggle and pain

I Am From a family with constant irresponsibility and disrespect

I Am From an area with people who judge you on how you look or what you have

I Am From a raising that has taught me to deal with my issues by myself

I Am From a raising that has made me turn people away because of trust issues

I Am From a world where everyone takes advantage and cheats everything they can

I Am From a world where people are only worried about themselves

I Am From no home, no help, and no relationships

I Am From a place, no specific place but I plan to leave that place when I find it. Forever.


It all starts with a calm.

Like the day before the storm.

All is normal.

Then the storm slowly creeps upon you.

You saw the warning signs, but you ignored them.

Now it’s too late.

It’s already here.

You try to run, but there’s nowhere to run to.

You try to hide, but you’re in an open field.

The tears of frustration come.

Yet the storm rages on.

You warn everyone to stay away.

Now you’re left all alone.

The storms billows every day.


You reach your breaking point.

The loneliness and anger.

The fear and anxiety.

It becomes too much.

The pressure of it all takes you and breaks you over its knee.

Then you’re gone.

We miss you.

Then it all ends and the calm makes a return.

But not without the damage the storm left behind.

—–Kambria Foehlinger

Aging of Fear

A little kid

The dark

Monsters under the bed

Scary noises outside the bedroom window

Creatures in the closet


A teenager

High school

Beginning to drive

Who you will sit with at lunch

Losing your supposed friends

What kind of person you will be categorised as

Not graduating on time


Love life


An adult

Job lose

Financial problems


Retirement homes


Failure throughout life

Loss of family members


Old Abandoned House

On a dark humid night,

The clouds roll over an old abandoned house,

Rain pours from the sky,

Lightning strikes and lights it up,

Trees falling, wind rapidly blowing,

Thunder screaming while  a tornado circles up,

The old abandoned house is soon to be gone,

Tornado fully forms, and rips the house off the ground,

Gone, just like that


By: Sean Borden


Never Know

You walk through the halls

same smirk on your face

everyday the same old way

you push people down

to get what you want

not thinking about them

or the pain you have caused

i walk with my head down

because i know we will never be the same

but inside my intense soul i know you have problems of your own

why you take it out on others

i shall never know

                                        By: Hannah Conver

Internal Agony by Brielle Bitts

The way she slides the blade across her skin

it makes her forget about her day

for she knew it was wrong

but she didn’t know a healthy way


Her anger accumulated

until rage filled her

She bottled up her sadness

until her tears slowly slipped away


She wanted to talk to someone

but nobody was there to listen

She tried to listen to music

but the pain kept coming back; taunting her


She tried various things

but nothing seemed to help

So she picked up the razor

saying the same thing she always does …”This will be my last time…”