In times of change keep your mind open

It is hard to experiment with a narrow mind

but ones views will change over time

Do not let the walls be built around your head

Or listen to what ones said

For then the walls may become thicker

Thicker than you can crack.

The Future

The future, the future, the future

What we constantly hear about every single day.

Forget about living in the present and enjoying today,

All anybody ever cares about is what we will become in the future.

How do we know there even is a future?

Will tomorrow ever come?

We need to live in the moment and enjoy today.

Anything can happen any given second, minute or hour of any given day,

so make sure that second minute or hour is a great one.

And for the people telling us what the future is going to bring and what we need to do to prepare,

You really have no idea what tomorrow will bring.

Worry about your own life.

Christmastime 6 Word Memoirs

Giving back to the less fortunate


Listening to your favorite cheery tunes


Reciting your favorite childhood Christmas movies


Indulging on homemade meals and treats


Putting decorations up around the house


Sledding down hills and throwing snowballs


Going black Friday shopping all night!


Spending time with family and friends


Appreciating and respecting what you have


Remembering the reason for the season



She is trying not to drown

in the deep sea of depression

She tries to do things

but nothing makes her happy


She tries to calm down

but her anxiety is getting the best of her

She’s going to try to swim to the top

but like always sharks try to rip her apart


Nobody knows she’s like this

because she hides all her pain

She just wants to be normal

so she tries to act like it


This is causing more pain than help

but she can’t fix it now

She has hit rock bottom again

Only it’s worse than someone could ever imagine.

—By: Brielle Bitts


The Big Bad: Basics of Videogame Villain Design

(Disclaimer: I don’t own any well known content that might appear)

How is a good videogame villain designed? This is the question that is going to be answered. Some of this is going to be very rudimentary stuff, and one can go a lot deeper if they really want to study this. Smart people have been making great villains for a long time. However, it is surprising how many games would benefit from applying some of the most surface level rules of villain design. Depending on the game being made, it is generally going to have one of two villain types. They are the mechanic villain and the narrative villain.

The mechanic villain is there to drive the action. They give the reason to use the game’s mechanics. These are characters like Bowser from Mario, Ganon from The Legend of Zelda, and Dr. Wily from Mega Man. These villains don’t need to be very complex. Functionally, they are more of a final boss then a character.

The important part of these guys is that the player feels good about challenging them. The player using all of their skill with the game’s mechanics should feel that, within the game’s narrative, what they just did could not be done by anybody with less skill than them. This is often why game designers resort to unknowable aliens or supernatural evils bent on humanity’s destruction. Continue reading

Where I’m From

I’m from a place that remains unknown.

From the dangerous,

dynamite explodes so close to

where my brain is.

Where violence

radiates across the plate;

I touched the edge of neglect

and taken away by the state

8 months before my birthday cake;

this curse is fake;

these nerves they shake

the curved surface like an earthquake.

I’m from a place

that you will never smell.

My mom’s forever in jail.

Clovers are clever but stale.

I’m from a place where the older

always know that you fail

not to open your heart,

because you opened a realm

that’s full of monsters and creatures;

filled with piled promises.

No time for old families

with filed adoptions.

—Chris Sherts


Writing is  something that you cherish throughout your years,

and look back upon later in your life.

It’s an easier way to express your feelings

and it just feels right.

When the words start flowing out of you,

everything comes naturally.

It’s something you can’t take for granted,

because it may someday save your life.


Like a suicide note that someone leaves,

telling their family that they’ll be alright.

Then hanging themselves in their closet,

in the silence of the night.


Like that song on the radio,

that makes you go into tears.

And then you go forgive someone,

that you’ve had a grudge with for years.


Like that verse in the bible,

that reminds you that you’re loved.

That there’s someone who cares for you,

in the giant kingdom above.


Like that note your boyfriend gave you,

telling you that he’s done.

When all you really thought

is that you finally found “the one”.


So next time you get a note,

whether from your family or a friend,

cherish that person’s writing

until your untimely end.

You never know if it’s their last day,

or if it’s actually yours,

so cherish every word you see,

especially if it isn’t yours.


By: Aly Whiteman :)

Game Changer

One is black, one is white

One is day, one is night

One is water, one is air

One unlawful, one is fair

Here’s the truth, some are mean

Dressed like monsters, at Halloween

You must be careful, now be wise

There are people, that tell many lies

One is hot , one is cold

One is young, one is old

One is rich, one is poor

One is ceiling, one is floor

We are all diverse, it’s what makes us unique

Some may be popular, you may be a freak

The world needs us all, every one of us

The day starts with dawn, and ends with dusk

One is fat, one is thin

One is good, one is sin

One is infinite, one is short

One is denial, one is support

People will judge you, it is what you make

It’s your choice whether, it’s real or a fake

The time has come, your life awaits

What is to lose, what is at stakes

One is love, one is hate

One is destiny, one is fate

One is desert, one is sea

One is you, one is me

My life is different, how about yours

Our daily activities, duties and chores

Some may decide, to change the game

Will you make history, glory of fame


Is chivalry thought to be dead?


What happened to gentlemen, and courtship?


Now a days men have “swag”.


But are these men really true?


Or are they false bodied boys.


What ever happened to having morals?


Mistreating women like dirt on the road


But yet there is a light.


A bright light shining with hope


For boys to grow into men,


Real men, with class and responsibility


There is hope for the human race.


Boys have to find that moment


Where they become men, chivalrous men.


You’re a light at night,

You are a rhythm of lines

That inspires life.


Darkness turns to light

while a flash is all you give.

And I see a glimpse.


You know who you are,

You’re the light that brights tonight.

You’re a light at night.

Guardian Angel

I think about you all the time.

My memories of you constantly flash through my head.

Even though you are no longer here,

You watch over me,

Protect me,

Guide me,

Teach me,

And you Love me like you always have.

You know what’s best for me.

You brighten my days of darkness.

You keep my head above water,

And my feet anchored to the ground.

I love you forever and always,

My Guardian Angel.