They Don’t Know About Us/ The Fighter

They Don’t Know About Us

They don’t know about us

The love hidden behind closed doors

The secret love letters

The I love you’s and goodbye’s

They don’t know about us

The silent conversations across the room

The unbroken promises kept

The need to stay in the unknown

The want to have a special bond with only them

The thought of what he thinks when he looks at you

The constant connection that hold you together

The prevention of fights through instant communication

All that goes on between us yet they don’t know about us

Our love is only ours therefore it shall remain unknown Continue reading

JV 2

JV 2. A group of freshman who barely made the team. As we wait for the other teams serve we the starters know what is going to happen next and we can do nothing to stop it. The other team targets one certain freshman who can’t pass a volleyball for his life. One point after another we see and hear the sound of the ball smack the ground and see the scrawny freshman coming in too late to get the pass and loses the point. After 10 minutes we look up to see that the new scoreboard says Home 7 Guest 24. As we watch the serve come over the net we see a miracle, a great pass that is perfect and the parents are so happy and everyone’s mouth drops to what happens next. As the ball comes off the setter’s hand the ball rotates faster than the earth. All of us on the bench know what happens next.  TWEET! Goes the refs whistle as everyone looks to see what he calls. He raises his hand and holds up two fingers up and points to the freshman setter. The horn goes off and one person is at fault for losing the game. This is JV 2.

Hold on Tightly Brother

I’ve come up with a theory that as we age, we just have worse and worse pain- that we grow accustomed to. At six, the girl gets something in her eye, and cries about the pain. At nine, she cries about a bee sting and things in her eyes no longer faze her. At thirteen, she sprains her wrist and her eyes swell up with tears which blur her vision and she cannot seem to feel any excruciating pain toward the irritated eyes or bee stings anymore. But at sixteen, she deliberately harms herself, because it doesn’t hurt. Not a physical thing hurts her. She ages backward, because at six if someone insulted her, it wouldn’t matter because she knew she was beautiful. But now, all of it hurts. It had gotten to the point where she couldn’t feel her hair in her face, she can’t feel her puncturing her skin. She can’t feel those tears in her eyes, because she grew accustomed to the irritated eyes long long ago. She can’t feel the hand pick up the cold weapon to her left, she can’t feel herself bring her weapon of choice to her temple with the finger on the trigger. She pulls it, and still doesn’t feel a thing. The only thing she had ever felt beforehand was the throbbing, swelling, and aching of her lonely broken heart.

-Tessa Fontaine

My Idea of the Seasons


The rain brings in flowers.

Sunshine makes people happy.

The weather is lovely.



Hot, sticky, weather.

Joyful sounds of freedom.

Radiant clear skies.



Holidays soon.

Different colors on the ground.




White silhouettes.

Winter Wonderland fun.

Missing summertime.



Where we can finally be happy

And not feel crappy.

We can stay up all night

And see the stars looking so bright.

We can chill out by the pool

And act like a fool.

Finally, we can relax and let loose

and sip on some lemonade juice.

- O.W


You do have friends

and they are there to help

so don’t shut down

and don’t you frown


There is always someone

who’s got your back

so give them credit

for taking your slack


You have a beautiful smile

and a friend that will stay for a while

so open your mouth

and let it all come out

You say I don’t understand

then let me just take your hand

but I don’t think you understand

because I was you in your shoes

So you know im here

I’ll be there to wipe your tears

but don’t shut me out

because I will always be there without a doubt

~Ilaina Smith

The Goal

She took a deep breath

Closing her eyes and exhaling

This was it

Everything depended on her

Hands shaking

She tied a nice neat bow upon the tongue of her cleats

Taking a few steps back and taking it all in

The whistle blew

It all went black

And crowd went wild

She knew she did it

– Macie Cummings

The Difference Between You and I

They asked what would I be if I could be anything so I said good enough but you said happy and that’s the difference between you and I because all I want is to please others and feel like I’m worth your time but you just want that false state of euphoria where you don’t feel sad and that’s why you turned to drugs and I turned to a blade because I punish myself while you punish the world but no amount of drugs or razors will change us.

Everywhere and Nowhere

People always ask where you are from.

I don’t see the point in this,

Not even a little bitty bit.

Why ask where a person comes from when that’s not where they are?

Yes, it made them who they are,

But it shouldn’t matter whether they come from somewhere amazing,

or somewhere terrible.

The past can not be changed

And who would want it to?

The past is what made who we are.

Who are we to decide what it should have been like.

Whether it was nice, Continue reading

Miserably Not

I want to jump but

My demons keep holding me up and

I think I want to die except

I know it’s only a lie


They feed on your misery

Kind of how you feed on mine

And I know you think it’s fine

But all you crave is victory

Where does it say that this is okay

Using another human for your amusement


I don’t know how to feel

I know it seems like I’m okay

But I just can’t seem to find my way

I used to think you were the perfect person

But now I see you’re just a curse and

You left me with nothing but

Dread and the wish not to exist so

Congratulations on your first conquest

It was a success over all the rest


Mess with an angel

And you’ll make ‘em a devil

Careful what you play with

Not everyone is as dishonestly stable


The World’s Expectations

Our little world with large expectations

So very few people setting many limitations

Telling us to sit up straight and put on a smile

To keep a clean slate and stay single file

but this they could not foresee

a world where we decide who we want to be

traditions set from ancient times

which today are considered terrible crimes

there are those that live to rebel

and others who only can dwell

-Shane Shirk

Best Friend

You are unforgettable

an idol to us all

when I was with you I always had a ball


But then one day I got a call

That call changed it all

All I did was cry

You had two hours until you were flying high


I held your hand

Flashing back to our times

Thinking wow time flies

Now I’m saying my Goodbyes Continue reading

I Wonder

I wonder what I am going to do

I wonder why the sky is blue

I wonder why birds live in trees

I wonder what is in a breeze

I wonder

I wonder why things grow

I wonder why snails are slow

I wonder why it’s warm

I wonder why it storms

I wonder


Gamer’s Dream

I’m getting ready to go to bed. I say to myself “Tomorrow’s gonna be a better day”. Before I shut my lights out and set my alarm for the morning, my mom stops by my room and says “Sweet dreams“. “Thanks, you too” I say as I’m setting my alarm for the morning. After my mom goes to bed, being the rebel I am, I load up an old 80’s video game emulator I downloaded and start to play Pac-Man. Soon, I am asleep.

I hear my phone go off in the morning. I had the standard alarm tone for my ringer so I was up and moving as fast as I could. I hated that ringtone. I got out of bed and started my daily routine. I got dressed, ate breakfast and brushed my teeth, the usual things someone does when they wake up. My mom was already at work so I wouldn’t see her until the afternoon. I pickup my backpack and get ready to go to high school. I walk out the front door and as I walk out everything changes. All of my surroundings change to look like an old 8-bit video game. I drop my backpack in amazement. I look over at the road and I see toads hopping across, dodging cars as they go by like in Frogger. I look over to where my bus stop is and it wasn’t my bus stop anymore. Instead, I see Scorpion and Sub-Zero fighting in one of the old Mortal Kombat stages. I look up into the sky and I see a spaceship shooting at aliens that were attacking it. It reminded me of my favorite 80’s game, Space Invaders.

After I take everything in, I realize that I’m in a 80’s style, video game world. I felt unstoppable, invincible, like I could do whatever I wanted. I ran out past my house to see what else there was in this new world. I saw Bowser’s airship taking a princess to his castle in the distance. Then, I saw Q*bert hopping around on my neighbors roof, turning all of the tiles to a bright yellow.  As I was running, I saw a big brown dog running past me. I stopped to pet him. I realized that he was the dog from Duck Hunt. Suddenly, a hundred ducks flew by. Then, BANG, I saw a flash of red and orange and heard a loud gunshot. All I saw was darkness. Then two words came into my vision. The two words no gamer ever likes to see. In red, bold letters, the words “GAME OVER” were displayed. That’s when I woke up to my horrible alarm.

-Austin Abrams

Tara Jean Is Not My Lover

I’m from the acres and acres of mountain at Aunt Renee’s house in the small postal location of Trout Run, Pennsylvania.

I’m from back and forth in PA and NC, because my mom could never decide.

I’m from mostly my Nanna’s house in Lancaster County.

I’m from the pool where Tiffany scarred me by pretending to drown, and making me save her.

I’m from broasted chicken that my Pap brought home extremely often.

I’m from gallon jugs on the basement steps, and grocery bags in the bathroom closet.

I’m from my cousin Elliot spinning me around at the riverlot every year.

I’m from fighting over blue raspberry ice pops in the summer with Tiffany.

I’m from my aunt whose name I’ve stolen stealing me from my mother for months at a time. Continue reading