Introduction: Kingdom Hearts: Isabella Lefever

Two six year old twins with big blue eyes and long, wavy blondish-brown hair sit up in their beds. One is a boy while the other is a girl. They slept in an average-sized room that they shared.


           Outside, the moon and the stars shined brightly down on the small world of Twilight Town. It was the twins’ bedtime but they were defiant. They would not go to bed until their mother told them a story. Their mother, a petite woman in her twenties that had the same blue eyes and long curly blondish-brown hair as her adorable children, sat in between their beds. She was wearing a turquoise nightgown that came down just below her knees. Her children stare at her with large pleading eyes and pouting lips.


     “Please, mom! Please tell us the story again!” the twins begged. Their mother chuckles at their childish behavior. She puts one finger up to her lips.


 “Sh. Alright, alright. Calm down. You don’t want to wake your father now,” she hushes them. The twins throw their hands up in the air in victory.


“Yay!” they exclaim. Their mother chuckles again. The twins settle back down into their beds as their mother clears her throat.


       “Alright. Now where do we start off at?” she ponders while lightly tapping the bottom of her chin with her pointer finger. She then puts her finger up in the air like she had an idea.


       “Ah! I remember now! A long, long time ago there was a gargantuan heart-shaped moon known as Kingdom Hearts. People had thought Kingdom Hearts was the heart of all worlds. Many people thought that it contained light. Others thought it contained darkness. These two sides quarreled over what was inside the all mighty Kingdom Hearts. The two sides found out about the X-blade (A/N: Pronounced  the“Key or Kyeblade.” It is easily confused with a regular Keyblade.) the key to unlocking the door to Kingdom Hearts, and how to forge it. The two sides created weapons called “Keyblades” which were mere shams of the real X-blade.


     “They gathered on a world where the ground was barren and cracked and dark clouds loomed over the world like a thick blanket. This was the world where Keyblade bearers would be tested to see who is worthy of being the chosen wielder of the X-blade. Today, this desolate world was given the title of the Keyblade Graveyard. It was called this because of the powerless, rusted keys that littered the place. If they could talk they’d probably be crying out to their fallen masters and mourning their deaths.

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What If

what if

death was brought new life

from under the depths

of the ground’s despair?


would the faces of

those torn and puzzled souls

carry on their passion

among the flesh and blood?


what if

every wounding word

was tackled down with a

refreshing compliment?

would the menacing beast

whom roamed the serpentine paths

finally be tamed

into a small kitten?


what if

the split from the quake

that had rumbled on and on

had stopped to piece together?


would it last?
would the tears drown both

down into a river

of forgive and forget?

Past memories

And aching thoughts

Stymie those who just

Think and hope


letting go of those

wishful dreams

is even harder than

living among the truth. 

— MacKenzie Lewis 

Conflicting Emotions

I groaned and bent over as my emotions fought inside. As they tore out of my chest, I screamed in agony. Three creatures whipped around me, screeching, howling and whispering their names.

A fiery phoenix screeched the loudest, proclaiming, “I am passion, anger, desires! I whip the others with my flaming tongue!”

A demonized shadow creature hissed at me, “I am fear, darkness and hostility, you cannot escape from my clutches.” I flinched away, not wanting to be near the disgusting thing.

A watery fish began to suffocate me, blubbing, “I am sadness, depression, anxiety…” I shoved it away, gasping for breath.

Finally, after all hope seemed to vanish, after I had fallen to my knees, I felt a gentle warm hand rest on my shoulder. I slowly looked up, blinking away tears.

A warm gentle glow emitted from a human like figure, and it spoke in soft voice. “I am hope, love, compassion. Don’t fear, I am stronger than the others. I will always be there for you, in multiple shapes, sizes and forms. Look around, there will always be hope, love and compassion.” I smiled and nodded, as the creatures that had caused me distress,  now become insignificant, entered back in. The golden figure was the last to enter, sealing my chest and warming my heart.

I no longer felt the other three creatures, only hope warmed my heart. 

— Abby Burrows 

And It’s All Okay

“Life is what you make it.”


”Tunes keep’ a playing in mind.”


“My heart weeps for those drifted.”


“Keep smiling, think nothing of it.”


“My insecurities will eat me alive.”


“Day dreaming about dreams, still dreaming.”


“Please understand, music saves my soul.”


“Love, love, love is the answer.”  


“I think about running, or hiding.”


“Changes are scary, so is life.”


“Don’t worry, it will be beautiful.”


“Deeply fantasizing about warm pumpkin pies.”
“Can’t remember what it felt like.” 

— Lacy Ferguson


Calm down and look around.

Let it all sink in.

Everyday is a new opportunity,

and you are your worse critic.

Take risk,

make every second count.

20 years from now that boy that broke your heart won’t matter,

so stop worrying about others

start worrying about yourself.

Fall in love with yourself and everything around you

make peace with yourself while you’re at it.

Take time for yourself

and accept that you’re here for a reason,

now take a deep breath.

Live your life spontaneously,

forgive and forget

and move on. 

— Caitlin Renshaw 


Somewhere magical

where dreams come true

happiness always

a smile or two


somewhere peaceful

quiet and always fun

relaxing and a vacation

warmth from the sun


somewhere unknown

where nobody goes

aimlessly searching and finding

the beautiful day flows


somewhere unstressful

create every possibility

choose your own path

to the best of your ability 

— Meghan Onderdonk 

I Am From Being Me

I am from the tire swing tied to the old tree.

I am from “Sarai, Stop! You’re not a dog!!”

I am from peeing off roofs with my cousin.

I am from grabbing a scorching hot curling iron with my bare 5 year old hand.

I am from playing Candy Land and Guess Who on rainy days.

I am from VeggieTale songs in the car.

I am from the buttered noodles and Salisbury steak on the table.

I am from licking ketchup off the floor.

I am from “ Be yourself, they’ll love you. “

I am from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

I am from Crankin’ Dat Soulja Boy in the kitchen.

I am from going on the computer just to use Paint.

I am from watching Robot Chicken on Adult Swim after my parents went to sleep.

I am from the nightmares before, on, and after Halloween.

I am from watching The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl.

I am from riding a bike with no brakes and crashing into a car.

I am from learning to accept myself.

I am from being who I am.

I am from my friends and family who helped me find myself.

I am from the name Sarai. 

— Sarai Figueroa 

I’m From Sun and Rain That Never Has Been Tamed

I’m from a house of seasonal smells; from autumn leaves, to pine cone trees, to summer breeze.

I’m from a little town called Columbia on busy 5th and Union where the sounds of sirens surround us.

I’m from a mom of many years and a step daddy after a few.

I’m from a couple of brothers and just one sister.

I’m from the lands of Ocean City Maryland with the waves that hit us.

I’m from fun games and silly play from back in the day.

I’m from watching music videos to learn to make my own.

I’m from my annoying little brother, always trying to top us.

I’m from writing in my journal because I never really had a fellow.

I’m from variety of tastes because my mom swore she was Rachael Ray.

I’m from looking up at the sky asking for forgiveness on my lies.

I’m from never knowing, but continuing to keep going.

I’m from putting others before me.

I’m from depression that taught me a very big lesson.

I’m from never letting go and saying to myself “ you got this for sho”.

I’m from a little big mouth that always liked to shout.

I’m from a girl that never was understood, but everyone seemed to know me.

I’m from learning to survive by myself because really, I have no one else. 

— N.G 

“One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind”

The little blonde hair brown eyed girl always loved to stare at the moon and stars.. She was always so fascinated by them and how endless the sky seemed to be at times. She looked at the moon yearning for the day her father would return. She always knew wherever her dad was he was looking at the same moon and stars she was. He would call every night they would talk for hours, he would ask what kind of moon it was each night and she would always answer. Tonight it was a crescent moon. That was her favorite part of the day talking to her father. It was when she was happiest. He told her that night he was coming home that weekend. She was so excited she couldn’t wait for her father to come home so they can sit outside and look at the the stars and moon together.