Where I’m From

I’m from the smell of a summer day and a hazy night,

I’m from an old park and a charming forest,

I’m from a best friend I call my brother and a beautiful lady I call my mother,

I’m from a hot desert carrying not just cacti and scorpions

but holding unforgettable memories,

I’m from a mind brain washed with respect and kindness,

I’m from proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel,

I’m from a guitar that holds countless memories with each strum,

I’m from deprivation to benefit and indulgence.

Name Heritage Essay

Zach. Not Zac or Zack, but Zach. The unique spelling of my name makes Google Spellcheck go red with frustration and presents a challenge for all the substitute teachers. Many times I have wondered why my name was spelled the way it is, and although I enjoy the uncommon spelling and exclusivity, it made me laugh when my mother informed me that my peculiar spelling was due to her “…being hopped up on drugs” right after I was born. Originally my name was supposed to be Jordan, but after some close friends named their newborn Jordan, a new name needed to be drawn up. The second name choice came from a combination of how my parents liked the sound of Zach, and the biblical meaning, the Lord is remembered. After the fact this name meaning became a perfect fit. Being born with my lungs filled with fluid, my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck twice, and all the machinery malfunctioning, the fact that I am still here is a miracle. Continue reading


The worst month

but also the best

the countdown starts

til we’re free from this mess

The birds are chirping

sunlight beams through the windows

The day is just about over

As now the warm breeze blows

Its 2:35

the days about done

Can’t wait to go outside

and have some fun

The bell has rung

voices fill the halls

only 19 more days

until summer falls

Ira Deorum Est

It was mid-summer when it happened, when one man realized his actions had brought on the fate of man, the apocalypse. As he stood in his palace that he had gotten from the royal prince one thought flashed across his mind. “Why does this place mean so much to me?” he thought, “What has this place done to be such a monumental figurehead in my life?” He summoned one of his servants into the room to confide in him and seek his counsel. The servant came in hurriedly so as to not anger his master. The servant was as old as he was young. He was of the age 26 fair-haired and not unhandsome for one serving the royal family under force. Yet he was easily older than the man he stood before. He may have looked young but his eyes revealed much more wisdom than one would have expected. His eyes showed the knowledge and wisdom of an old man well past the centuries as well as the cunning of a jaguar. Even with this great cunning and knowledge he is still frightened by the man he serves due to the man’s past history. He was a great general, once, however he was cruel when his king did not share the same views as the general. The general had realized that king had become soft, forgiving, weak. He also trusted the general with his life, that being his biggest mistake as king.

It was raining when the dogs had finally stopped howling in their kennels. The night air mixed with the rain made the man’s skin tingle as a drop hit the top of his head and ran down the side of his ghostly pale face. His stern face was unrevealing when some guards were escorting a few of the king’s slaves down to their quarters. One of them was a man of at least 37 him being skinny enough that his ribs shown in the faint light of the moon as the clouds started moving again. Two others were women in their early 20’s and stark naked. He watched them as they passed. One of the girls blushed as she realized he was staring at her slightly developed breasts. The other stared at him longingly as they passed and reached out for his hand as if longing for his touch. He just gazed at her unblinking as if he were looking through her. The last was a child of 7 who just cried as he passed. The man didn’t even so much as look at him as he passed, but he heard him muttering something ever so softly. “War,Death,Pestilence,Famine,War,Death,Pestilence,Famine.” He muttered. Right as he passed the man he gripped his arm tight and started screaming, “The Horsemen ride towards our light! No one will be safe! They bring with them what was destined to happen to humanity, death! Three others ride as well though! One to save us and protect us leaving us in peace! One to destroy us and lead us down a dark winding path that will obliterate us! And one to make his own choice and to bestow upon mankind a gift of either doom or peace! This can be prevented! Don’t go into that palace to take the man’s life that he entrusted to you! If you do you will break 7 seals that have been held together for more than 10 millennia and you will set humanity onto a path of destruction and only he who has caused it will be able to prevent it!” The guards grabbed the boy and pulled him off while muttering curses. They mercilessly beat him until he bled and picked him up and started dragging him off with the rest. But not before the man heard him mutter, “War, Death, Pestilence,Famine.”

—Ethan Sterling


“ Realities an illusion

we’re losing what makes us human

and choosing to keep polluting the youth and ruin the future

people claim they’d take a bullet

then end up the ones who shoot it

I guess the devil was once an angel and Jesus trusted Judas “

-Darren Gwinn

The Perfect Match

Your hair, eyes, ears, nose and mouth all look perfect to me.

That small smile of yours never fails to fill my heart with glee.

I’m glad I make you happy, just like the ocean breeze.

if you ever told me of a bad day you had, I would never tell you, “That’s all? jeez!”

If you snap at me or get fed up, I never get upset but instead give out a witty retort.

You try your hardest be fail but I see your face contort,

and that smile of yours spreads across your face.

It never fails to make my heart race.

Every time I see you, it’s all clear and plain.

We’re a perfect match, like the spring and the rain.

-Alexander Drain

He’s Leaving For Georgia

June 10th, he arrives in Georgia

I hope the time passes fast

He is my hero, in uniform

Serving for my country at 17

I’ll miss him greatly while apart

Letters he will send for me

I’ll write back to every one

Soon enough he will be home

Then, holding me in his arms

I will feel back at home

Because he will come back safely


“The clothes you wear and the people you talk to do not determine who you are. Do not wake up in the mornings and dress to impress anyone but yourself. Everything is temporary- and even though most of you don’t like to admit it, so are the people you’re surrounded by everyday in these hallways. Your life is just as important as everyone else’s, but yours is your own priority. Put yourself first sometimes, it’s okay, I promise. Respect people. Be nice to everyone even if you want to throw them off the planet. Travel- meet people, explore, experience. Maybe even learn a new language. Your life won’t just be handed to you in most cases. You want something? Do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. If you fall, get back up and try again. This is your life, and the only thing you’re going to regret when you’re older is not making it the best it can be. ”

-Stephanie Safran

Understanding Time


It’s amazing how fast time can fly

You watch numbers on a clock

Events come and go, my oh my

The noise of the tick tock tick tock


The placement of the hands are what you see

As the mesmerizing hands make their way around

Seconds, minutes, hours thinking where you should be

Realizing you are somehow used to the sound


The clock once read a time at night

Until as it seems 5 seconds later came the sun

Shining through seeming ever so bright

No understanding of what is to come

-Meghan Onderdonk

I Know Not How

I know not how to thank you enough, my sweetheart

When I am walking over to you

I just want to hold water

But you gave me the ocean


I know not how to thank you enough, my sweetheart

When I am walking over to you

I just want to pick a flower

But you gave me a bouquet


I know not how to thank you enough, my sweetheart

When I am walking over to you

I just want to find simple affection

But you gave me love

-Summer Myers


Quiet, dark, lifeless, winds are harsh

Forcing me to take shelter

A heavy coat

So full of warmth

Maybe the protection of a house

Sipping hot chocolate by a sizzling fire

Wrapped tightly in a quilt

Snug as a bug in a rug

I’m content, it’s soothing

It settles outdoors

I face it

Stepping out

A tiny snowflake melts on my tongue

I forget everything else Continue reading