What If in Two Nights and Two Days

If a man were to come up to you, and speak as if a child. Would you let him speak?

Could he you a story worth listening too?

If he told you a story so radical. Would you listen?

Would you even believe the words he speaks?

If a man were to give an item of value to you, but only emotional. Would you take it?

Or better yet, what if he gave you a dream or purpose. Would you follow it?

What if a person gives you love. Would you love them too?

As night and day approach will you be given something you will regret later or regret not doing?

If the one you love was not to love you, but someone else. Would you learn what true love is?

What if in two nights and two days, the way you view your parents were to change forever.

How would you handle it?

What if you knew that you couldn’t date a girl or boy because you’d hurt them, how would you cope?

What if everyday your bones are rattled because of something that happened years ago that you should forget.

How would you deal with being patted on the back by a man which makes you angry and defensive, even when it’s a family member or friend?

If you had to work for the rest of your life until you give in. How long will you last?

The world has many questions to answer we don’t know yet.

These answers to my questions are answers that make us someone else and not one big body.

So, what are you like?

Alejandro Morales

A Lock and Half a Key

My thoughts are strangled with chains,

I wish they could escape and run wild,

I only have half a key,

My secrets can only roam around a counselor,

Or around people I feels uncomfortable with,

I only talk openly to one person about my problems,

And she was ripped out of her hands,

My older sister is the influence parents hide their children from,

Yes, She’s made mistakes that haunt her,

But She’s my go to,

She is the distributor of advice,

The best person I know,

And she’s locked away too.

How to properly eat an apple slice

Step 1:Place apple slice in your mouth horizontally…not vertically.

Step 2:Close mouth to bite down on apple…only eat the apple, not the skin.

Step 3:Keep opening and closing mouth to chew apple.

Step 4:Swallow.

Step 5:Place apple skin under your top lip but on top of your teeth.

Step 6:Keep apple skin there until you feel it is necessary to remove it.

Cavin Miller

How To Eat A Pop-Tart

Pull apart your silver reflective Pop-Tart casing

Silently attend to the noise of the wrapper

Elongate your two fingers after beginning to pull the case, to ajar an area of passageway 


Gently remove the Pop-Tart to prevent damage to the delicate treat

Open your chops and insert the Pop-Tart into your bodily cavern

Devour the Pop-Tart with utmost care and concern

Caleb Walton

How to Sit Down

Analysis to make sure there’s a chair underneath you

Real slow so you don’t pull any muscles

Make sure that the chair is comfy

Curve your knees

Hope you can bend all the way down to your chair until seated

Angle yourself so you’re facing the way you want

Identify where you are at so you can do next step

Relax and go to sleep

Caleb Leanza

“Psalm of Life” Parody – Psalm of A Football Life

Tell me not, on hot summer days

It feels 100 degrees

For the blazing rays and salty glaze

Friday nights are only a tease


The game is hard the game is rough

And playoffs are in our sight

It’s very physical you better be tough

So strap your helmet real tight


It defines strong and punishes the weak

Because someone will ruin your day

You’ll get hit so hard you’ll go to sleep

You better get ready to play


My stomach turns, and my hands are shaky

I believe I’m going to vomit

When I reach the field as the safety

It’s a great day to be a comet

Michael Brown


Walking through your school hallway people stare

You know they are looking, but you don’t care

In bright rainbow colors you start to question your instinct

He even heres a “hey fag” and sees a wink

Tears roll down his face


A student ask if he is okay

But then is pushed away

You are just another wannabe

Who is going to make fun of me

More tears pour out


Be what you believe he hears

Then looks up and an angel appears

Nightmares happen and let them go

I will watch you from above down below

The tears are gone and a smile illuminates

Clay Wright

Psalm of Football

Tell me not, in scorching hot heat,

Life gets hard when summer workouts start.

Even after a season of a lot of defeat,

It hurts to smell after the raunchiest farts.


Football is fun, football is great,

Millersville camp is a terrible thing.

Football creates the person giving good traits,

We all work to get some bling.


7 on 7s can be fun,

I would rather be asleep.

After practice we run,

Everyday it gets us better, and on our feet.


Football takes time, and a lot of dedication,

Not everyone is fit for this sport.

Still like every team, this is Comet Nation,

Most people do not want to put in the effort.

Adam Presnell

Rosa Parks

Changing the future

Taking a big leap into change

Rosa stood up for herself

She said no

Go to the back they said

She said no

She stood up for herself

Today blacks can sit wherever

Whatever bus

Whatever water fountain

Whatever restaurant

Whatever school

Whatever you want

All because of

Rosa Parks

Miah Kramer

Martin Luther King

Time for a change

No more being stuck in a cage

Must all be together

To make a change that’ll last forever

No matter the punishment

These events were made from fate

It took us all long to see

We soon made things how they should be

Without Martin Luther King

Civil Rights would never be a thing

Jim Crow laws were quite unjust

Breaking them was a definite must

Many followed and joined the idea

Mr. King told us not to fear

I think he would be proud this day in age

Amy Haberstroh 


We are the ones that they call the rebels

We’re the ones who stood up to rebel

We live for the broken hearts

Not watch them fall apart

We are here and we’re bullet proof

The world wants to see courage and we are the proof

It’s time for us to fight until we die

So that we don’t have to live under a lie

Right now what we can only hope for another sunrise

But after that we can only reprise

We stand at the gates of hell

We are the ones to stand in front of the tanks of war

Hanging by a thread but still have our foot in the door

Place your hand on the big black book, and know what you’re fighting for

Just remember, this may not be your city of dreams

But it’s your city to live for


Standing Up

You are just confused they would say

Just give it a couple days.

You don’t have say

You are not gay


Why do you get to choose?

It’s not like I’m drinking boozes

You’re leaving with a bruise

Even though you’re against abuse


I am gay

What else is there to say?

I’m done keeping it at bay

I’m not trying to betray


I’m done standing in the background

I am going to stand my ground

Hopefully you’ll come around

I’m done going around this merry-go-round

Audrey Bublitz

A Psalm of Fishing Tournaments

Tell me not, in hefty hook sets

Life is but a brutal black lagoon

Who will catch the best fish, anglers begin to place bets

Nothing beats fishing under the moon


Fishing for sport armed with rod and reel

Equipped with flashlights and headlamps galore

No games are played here, for this is the real deal

After hard fought battles all participants will be sore


On the boat at midnight with the lights burning bright

The conditions are cold, black, and unforgiving, but only temporary

The drag on the first rod is clicking, it’s a fish alright

The hook set is brisk and unpleasant, but necessary


The weigh in approaches as well as the nerves

The fish in the boat’s livewell are active and stressed

A scale is brought out under the gill of the fish to do the job it serves

We weren’t the winners, but there is always next time no need to get depressed
Andrew Muschlitz

How to look at a White board

First you will want to get in a place where you can see the board, don’t go below the board and don’t go above the board. Remember to stand an appropriate distance from the board not to close and not to far. Once you are an appropriate distance open both eyes and look straight ahead. If you would happen to see an elephant wearing a suit open your eyes and why are you thinking of an elephant wearing a suit. After both eyes are open be quiet and pay attention to who is talking at the board. So remember, P.D.O.P.



O-Opened eyes

P-Pay attention

Toby Singer