I Never Realized This was All Just a Dream

“We were watching fireworks when he kissed me for the first time.”  She was staring at her feet, not wanting to meet those eyes that seemed to turn everything into honey; she wanted to be able to say this and still be able to move.

“The whole world dropped out from under my feet and I thought ‘oh my God this is what it’s supposed to feel like.’”

She could feel him staring at her, wondering what she was telling him.

“I thought I loved him.  I thought that he loved me.”

She let out a small laugh, her lips twisting into a cruel smile.

“But I woke up one day, and none of that mattered.

“You see, love isn’t going to solve all your problems and loving someone doesn’t mean that it’s enough to save them, or you.  Whatever the heck is up there, they’ve got some plan for you and it doesn’t matter if his lips feel like fire and every touch seems to rip you apart and put you back together at the same time.

“So I was destined to meet you.  I was fated to fall for you.  And we were cursed to part ways too soon.”

She looked up then and saw that a smile was playing across his lips and those green eyes had turned into a shade of almost yellow.  He pulled her close and through all of their layers, she could feel his hands freezing her waist.  He whispered to her, so close to her mouth that his lips ghosted over hers.  “You’re an idiot.”

And then she woke up.

I’ve Grown Tired of Trying to Change for You

      She looked at him, at his green eyes and that mouth that she would have done anything to turn into a smile.  She shook her head, smiled this little smile like she knew some crazy secret and whispered,

     “I would have loved you, you know.”

     She said it so quietly she wondered if he hadn’t heard, but she knew, she knew with all of her that she had, he had heard.

     He blinked.  Once.  His eyes, she realized, weren’t a candy apple green.  They were the woods in the summer.

     She smiled that smile and shook her head again.  She laughed a small laugh.  “I’m sorry.”  She turned away, wanting so badly for him to say, wait, I would have loved you too, there’s still time.  But she knew that he wouldn’t.  She knew there wasn’t any time.  She had wasted it all on watching him smile that day, when the sun came through the window in the empty room, turning his eyes into the most beautiful things she had ever seen, and he had laughed when she had left and her friend had taken a picture and showed her and she vowed she would make him laugh like that again.  She wasted it that day, the day she realized that she liked him, she had wasted it making a promise to herself she couldn’t keep.  And here she was, a month later.  There was no more time.  But she knew she wouldn’t take back that day for anything.  She knew he would never like her but she had something of him.  She had that memory of his eyes and they way the corners of his mouth turned up.  And that was enough, whatever it was worth, it was enough.

     She walked away.  The cold wind bit into her cheeks, but for the first time, it didn’t bite into her bones.  She didn’t look back.

     And he watched her go, her brown hair swinging down her back, and he wondered what she could have meant.  What he had just lost.

The Dream of Books

Hearts stone, hero’s life

light in darkness, fire in ice

adventure everlasting

oh the dream of living in books


conquering fears,finding true love

so simple and free

just you and the world

thats where i’d die to be


possibilities as far as the seas

such fun and fear for thee

brave cowardice, vicious peace

oh, what a life that would be


if only it was a simple task

to live in this wonderful land

maybe i just need a helpful hand

or maybe it’s just a childish dream



  • Shane Shirk



Again and Again

Again and Again I get up in the morning and go to school.

Again and Again I eat the same breakfast, drive the same route, and look at the same things.

Day after Day I sit in the same classes, and hear the same things.

Where are you going to college? Do your homework! Always be the best. Who will you be in the future?

If there even is a future…

But do you ever think to yourself, what is my purpose?

I do the same thing every single day just like everyone else, but who cares?

As long as we get good grades, are successful in our activities, and are “normal” and not “weird” then we have nothing to worry about Everything will take care of itself from there and we will live long happy fulfilling lives right? Who really knows.

–Collin Whiteside

Life Goes On

People die

life goes on.

Lives are started

life goes on.

Theft and murder is committed

life goes on.

Terrorism and natural disasters

and yet life continues to go on.

Friend starts a rumor at school

time stops.

Game over, life ruined, I can’t believe it.

We live in a world where the smallest, most meaningless things have the biggest impacts.

And I just think to myself, why are we even here?

–Collin Whiteside


My thoughts, though so silent, might flow so violent;

no more peaks, means no more climbing.

Higher than this is space; not personal;

it’s publicly caged and

Imma take it back now

it’s theft to my name.

By: Chris Sherts

Simply Me

With brown hair that falls in frizzy waves,

Hazel eyes hidden behind glasses that hide how she feels.

With a kind heart,

But a damaged soul.

She hides away from the world

Not allowing them to see her pain.

She cares more for another than herself,

Not really believing she can be saved.

She cause me more misery than most,

But she is the one I care for deeply.

Her kindness has helped others.

She has knowledge others refuse to understand.

Her loyalty as kept secrets since she learned to speak.

She has never done a person wrong by choice.

Her bravery has stood up for numerous,

Even her enemies.

This girl is known by many as a weird girl.

Shy with odd habits,

And many other labels.

But the truth cannot be seen.

This girl has no one label.

She is the cause of my misery,

She is the one with so much to love,

But so little hope inside her that she gives it to others,

Saving none for herself.

She is simply a teenage girl.

She is simply,


—Michala Harvey

Fall Out Boy

Just one yesterday

We were alone together

The mighty fell

For centuries


Sugar we’re going down

The phoenix has risen

From death valley

Young volcanoes explode


Love will tear us apart

My heart is the worst kind of weapon

This is the calm before the storm

My songs know what you did in the dark

—Ally Moyer

Just One Yesterday

Just one yesterday, I was looking through clear glass at stars. Today, a smog filled sky. There are no stars where I stood. And I doubt there will ever be again. My thoughts were a jumbled mess. I thought of so many things, but couldn’t focus on any. Then your eyes came to mind. Big and bright and so full of hope for a better tomorrow. My heart lay shattered in a thousand tiny pieces, ready to float away with a slight breeze. I let the note you left me drift to the ground. On it inscribed “Hope you have a better tomorrow.”

—Ally Moyer

I Am From

Where i’m from, the birds wake you up with chirping.

Where i’m from, you wake up to a nice made breakfast.

Where i’m from, you will see stink bugs everywhere.

Where i’m from, you have to work hard for the things you want.

Where i’m from, the smell of farms is all around you.

Where i’m from, is a place with insanely slow speed limits and many fast drivers.

Where i’m from, you grow up watching Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo.

Where i’m from, is the most perfect place for a kid to grow up and become a man.

Lightning Memories

As a woman sat alone in her rocking chair,
She glanced out the window while twirling her hair.
She saw how the lightning lit the sky,
As seconds and minutes passed on by.

The woman did not always enjoy thunderstorms,
Until one day she watched one from her college dorm.
Now she sits and thinks of going outside,
But cringes from the memory of the day she cried,

When her parents were struck by lightning and died.