This is not for those that are easily frightened!

Here is how it works!  Patrick Carman, the creator and writer of the Skeleton Creek series has once again gone where no writer has dared to go before.  Similar to the Skeleton Creek series, the 3:15 Short Stories combines modern media and reading.  Here is how it works . . .

The 3 of “3:15” stands for the three things you will be doing: listening, reading and watching.

The 15 of “3:15” stands for the amount of time it will take to complete each episode – 15 minutes.


Click on the link below (you may have to copy and paste it into your browser) and complete all three steps.  Then come back to my blog and tell me what you thought about episode one.  Remember you have to do all THREE steps (listen, read and watch) to understand the short story.  More importantly, remember that these are eerie stories sure to make you jump or even screech, so proceed with caution and read carefully!




104 Responses to “3:15 Short Stories – Episode One”

  1. Mrs. Aukamp said:

    This is creepy, but really fun! You kids are going to LOVE this!

  2. Angela Galgon said:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Mrs. Aukamp. My favorite part was the very end of the video. EERIE!

  3. Nate said:

    Hey Miss Galgon. I thought the ending was pretty cool but it wasn’t that scary because you saw the claw for a couple of seconds before he grabs him. Overall I think the other kids will like it too.

  4. Kerry said:

    I watched the videos and I thought they were amazing. My favorite part was when the hook came and took the guy behind the back that was interesting. I think other kids will like 3:15.

  5. sandy brown said:

    Scary, I didn’t want to look when that creepy music started. I think these episodes will be a hit with those brave enough to watch. The example reminded me of the book, ” Scary Stories”.

  6. Sam said:

    I watched the video with Nate and we liked it a lot. We think that all of the other kids will love watching and reading 3:15.Especially if its anything like the first book.

  7. Lindsay said:

    I loved the thrill of not knowing what was coming next in the video!!! I get scared easily, so it was no surprise when I had to cover my mouth to keep from screaming:) The reading was also fun to read, and really helped to understand the video. Patrick Carman has done it again!!

  8. Courtney said:

    This was a lot of fun and easy to follow. It was a little creepy but nothing too scary. I think it’s a fun idea for a different way to read and people should give a try.

  9. gage said:

    it was funny because the guy got back at the kid for stealing his hook. it was epic

  10. Michael said:

    Even though u knew what was coming it was pretty neat. It was creapy too.

  11. Jonathan said:

    3:15 is awesome all u non-readers will like this first storie it is so sweet!

  12. seth said:

    when i was done i was sweating like cray. i now am having second thougths about watching the other trailers.

  13. Ryan said:

    I thought it was very suspensfull. i thought it would be good as a book as well.

  14. Brandon said:

    It was a great story. It was a thriller. And I would like to do another one

  15. Jennifer said:

    At first i didn’t understand what was so frightning about it then the lights went off thats when I hid my face in the couch pillow beside me.I couldn’t bare it i wanted to watch more so exactly when i looked next was when he was starring out the window and the hook came.I loved the thrill.

  16. Ellie said:

    3:15 was really good. i think its cool that you only have to read a little because i really dont like reading. the end part of the videos was creepy, but then again i get creeped out easily!

  17. Claire said:

    I like the idea of listening, reading, and watching. I knew that when he took the hook the guy would come back for him. Over all, I liked it.

  18. Maddie said:

    That was pretty cool, it was kinda creepy at the end but you could kinda predict what was going to happen. I enjoyed it but i still think that Skeleton Creek is better but i would like to watch the other two videos.

  19. Brielle said:

    This was a great story it had my skin crawling for more. The video helped me see what the character looked like. It was scary to see the hook and then the kid Disappered! Overall great story and I would love to see another one!

  20. jenna said:

    i think it was scary when the light bulb pop and when the hook took the guy i think the other students will like to read and watch it

  21. lizzie martin said:

    I thought the story was really scary about how the tree fell and he lost his hand and made a hook. I wonder who was the one who picked up the hook and pulled cody away? I want to see the next video. I really think others would like to watch this video unless they get scared really easly.

  22. Nikki said:

    -NIKKI D

  23. jenna said:

    i think it was scary when the light bulb pop and when the guy got drag by the hook i think the other students will like to read and watch it

  24. Ahmade said:

    I liked that you didn’t just have to keep reading on and on but that you could have video’s to watch to mak eit easier. Well easier for me. I thought that Clarence was going to come back to life when Cody took his gold hand. So yeah I did kinda expect but then again I didn’t. I really like doing this kind of stuff so I think I will like to watch more.

  25. Katie said:

    I thought it was really cool. At first I was kinda creeped out when the scary music started playing, but then when I actually saw the hook I was like ,” Oh, that’s it?!” I would do this again.

  26. Sarah said:

    I think that the video really pulled the reader in. I have seen things more scary than that before but, if was very creative. I would like to continuing watching the 3:15 stories.

  27. Desiree said:

    That 3:15 story was a thriller! At first I didn’t get it but when I had read the story; I got it! I would like to see more of these! Great Story, Great Story!

  28. Angela Galgon said:

    OK, I have to admit that I do not own any device that I can download apps on, but this series of episodes makes me want to purchase one. I went back to the 3:15 site and watched the trailers for episodes 2 and three. Wow! They look awesome too! I especially think episode 3 looks quite creepy. Maybe it’s time I enter the world of technology!

  29. Allison said:

    To be honest, I thought I’d see some random dead dude at the end going to kill Cody. Very eerie ending though. I wonder whatever had to him? I liked reading and then watching, it was fun, but it does distract you from the reading because you’re so excited for the video. Great story though!

  30. Rami said:

    I thought it was entertaining but not that scary. I had predicted that the hook wasn’t going to end fine and dandy but I thought the lights going out and the music were pretty cool and original.

  31. danielle g75 said:

    I like it because funny not scary

  32. jason said:

    not very scary he should have saw it it was literaly right there

  33. Jhabria said:

    At first , I was kind of confused the I started to like it . I like creative the author was when writing the story .I didn’t really like the end .I like 3:15 it’s new and exciting because when you read the story your so excited to watch the video . The video added to the video alot . I loved it !

  34. Haley G72 said:

    I jumped ten feet in the air when the lights went off and I knew something was going to happen when Cody was looking out the window. Honestly, it didn’t end the way I expected it to end.I didn’t think he would steal the hook, that was pretty sad. I think I understood it more with reading and watching it because you got the full effect.

  35. angel said:

    Hey Miss Galgon! I really liked the ending it was hilarious its not creepy at all its actually funny to me.But,I digress. I thonk that other kids will like it

  36. Cece (G72) said:

    I usually don’t like scary things, but I liked this because after I read the story, I had to know what happened to Cody.I would do something like this again but I think that some of the suprise of the ending was taken away when we heard that this was going to be a scary story. I felt like I was kind of waiting for something to scare me.

  37. Paige g75 said:

    WOWZA! I literally jumped out of my seat, SCREAMING! That was a really cool and thrilling story. My favorite part was when Cody took the hook off of Clarence and then ran away! The video made me so scared I am still wide eyed 3:15 is definitly a really good story, I would definitly reccomend this to anybody. :)

  38. Jennilyn said:

    I thought the story and video were really good. I think it was a one of a kind idea to think of stories you can listen to, read, and then watch. Everything was entertaining and kept me wondering what will happen next . To me the video wasn’t all that scary, but it was a little creepy. I can’t wait until the next ones come out.

  39. ali g75 said:

    omg this was AMAZING!!!! scary i loved when the “ghost” got cody miller!!!!! the suspense had me on my toes but i stil wasnt ready for it when he came out of NOWHERE!!!!!! everyone in the school should see this;)the story had lots of info…but still good:)

  40. Casey said:

    tihs was so cool and really creepy i think other students would love to read it!

  41. Chantelle G71 said:

    I liked that it gave you a lot of detail. It didn’t end the way I thought it would. I thought that he would get away with taking the gold hook, but he didn’t the hook got him. The videos showed what really happened and you could actually see the picture, but the story gave lots of details. I think the videos added to the story.

  42. Maura said:

    I thought that this was so creepy! I wouldn’t suggest watching this when you’re alone in your house in a dark room… I was afraid something was going to jump out at the last second! I like the listen, read, watch concept. I would definitely get the next ones if they weren’t 99 cents. :) Over all, very cool and creepy!!!

  43. Nicole G75 said:

    I kinda like the ending but it scared me a little when the claw just appeared on his shoulder. I would of never have stole that gold because that would be a very sinful thing to do.

  44. Dylan said:

    I think that was the best intro/storie/movie i’ve ever seen in my entire life

  45. Megan G73 said:

    The 315 stories were very creepy! I was kinda spooked when the light bulb went out and then the claw was on the guys shoulder! I would like to watch more of these 315 stories!

  46. Jack From B72 said:

    I liked the set-up of it. I thought it could be a little scarier but can’t have it too scary. Still pretty creepy though. I pretty much expected that ending except it didn’t say what happened to the guy. The video really added to the story I thought.

  47. Brooke said:

    I loved it.It was scary at some parts but it was perfectly fine.I suggest this to everyone to watch!

  48. Erin said:

    I would like to watch more of the 315 stories! I gotta say I wasn’t that scared. But I was kinda creeped out when the movie went down in the grave! Good Story!

  49. Logan said:

    I have to admit, i thought it be a little more creepy, but it still was cool!!! The best part was when the light-bulb popped, doesnt that always happen, when ever you need something it breaks!!!!!! But all in all it was cool.

  50. Dustin said:

    i think it a alright. i didn’t get how a golden hook can grab someone,but otherwise it was pretty good p.s I’m in G73

  51. Marcos said:

    I kinda jumped when the light bulb popped and there was a sound outside and the boy looked out the window. What really got me was that the hook grabbed the boy by the shoulder.

  52. Marcos said:

    That was terrifying i would never have expected that. What i thought was crazy is that the hook grabbed the boy and pulled him back

  53. Marcos said:

    That really interested me i think i will do the rest of the videos

  54. Marissa G74 said:

    I get freaked out easily by scary things. That video was really interesting, but still scary. Once I saw the gold hook I paused it. Haha.
    But I thought it was a really cool way to understand the story. By first listening, then reading, and then watching. I did like it. It was a really awesome plot!

  55. Lydia said:

    I didn’t enjoy the video very much.To be honest I thought it would be a lot scarier but truthfully it does have a good plot but the conclusion wasn’t great. I thought it could be a lot more dramatic.

  56. Maddie said:

    Wow!! That was great! I’m usually not that interested in this kind of stuff but I loved it! The video was so creepy!!! I got freaked out when the hook grabbed him! Great story!!!!

  57. Jha Bria said:

    I thought these stories are really cool! I was creeped out when the light bulb went out! I didnt even want to finish but I did! I wonder if the other stories are even scary!

  58. Davilia G75 said:

    At first when I listened to the introduction my mind wasn’t really all there because it didn’t sound so scary. Then I started to read it and a chill went down my spine!! What scared me the most was the hook coming being the boy. This story ended so unexpectedly not like other stories you read! I love this!!!! 😀

  59. Purity said:

    OMG i loved that and it was funny because i was in computer tech and i almost screamed but i just jumped. All you kids are going to LOVE this.

  60. Frances said:

    I thought the video was good. It made me jump when the light’s shut off. Other then that I liked it.

  61. Samantha G75 said:

    I thought this was a very interesting story.I wanted to keep reading and find out what happened.I didn’t think the ending was scary.I wanted it to be creepier, although it looked kind of funny when the hook pulled the guy away.I would recommend this to anyone who wants to read something creepy,but not too scary.

  62. Samantha g71 said:

    I thought this was a great story.I wish it had a better ending and was more scary.I would recommend this story to anyone who wants to read something a bit creepy but not get too scared.

  63. Amanda g71 said:

    I thought this was a great story.I wish it had a better ending and was scarier.I would recommend this story to anyone who wants to read something a bit creepy but not get too scared.

  64. Harley Frey said:

    LOL THE 315 VIDEO WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Mariya G74 said:

    I think that 3:15 stories is a great idea!!!:) Some of the stuff that they have is BONECHILLINGGGGG!!!:D
    I do think that it should have been a bit more scarier but I would recommend it to most of my friends that are in to mysteries or scary stuff!!!:D

  66. Jada said:

    For the video me and Megan jumped when the light blew out it was funny. Hahahahahaha good times. But it was really good but really scary. Ahhhhhhh!!!

  67. Megan said:

    Haha me and Jada jumped at the same time when the light bulb exploded. In the computer tech classroom haha oh my its pretty scary…..

  68. Cole said:

    Mrs.fair class I really liked how he used technology and text to tell a story. Yes because I have read a similar book like that that the dead guy supposedly come back and have revenge on the people who take their stuff. I liked it because it is a new way to combine technology and reading. The video made it more drastic because it added a visual reimplementation to the story.

  69. Lina said:

    i loved the story. Me and my friends freaked out when the light went out. But good story.

  70. zedan b73 said:

    That was pretty rad not that scary though, hope next time they will be scarier but for now its just another mediocre clip :p

  71. Lisa said:

    I thought the movie was cool. It was not that scary. I also thought it was cool how the lights went out and the boy got pulled back by the hook. I would tell other people to watch it.

  72. Michaela said:

    Honestly, I thought the story and video would be a little bit scarier, but I thought it was still good. My favorite part was when the lights went out and the music got creepier. Overall, I liked this a lot! 😀

  73. Brooke said:

    Miss.Galgon, this was really intresting! The ending I would say would have to be the best part! Or maybe when the light goes out because im not gonna lie I got kinda nervous there!!! I think other kids would love Patrick Carman books!! As well as me!

  74. Elisa G75 said:

    nice ending:):):0:0:):)
    It was freaky! I enjoyed it. I wasn’t really scared. BUT the sound or music gave me the creaps. I would really reccomend this yo anyone for thish kind of stuff is rare!!:]:]

  75. jules said:

    Okay. That was REALLY REALLY CREEPY!!!!!!! I mean i knew SOMETHING was going to happen but I still got freaked out anyway. But it was really fun i liked it.Everyone should try this i liked it and I’m not normally into scary stuff.

  76. lexie said:

    i think reading and a short movie is a GREAT way to get more kids to read! when i saw his shadow in the window i thought it was a ghost haha. i cant wait to see the second epiosode!

  77. Jonathan said:

    I love Patrick Carmon’s first 3:15 book it is so cool! It makes me want to read the second one (if there is one). It stink’s because i’m not able to see the video at the end or listen to the Listen thing. I’ll try it at home. :):)

  78. Mike said:

    I was so scared the first time I saw it, I watched it with no sound.The second time I saw it I watched it with sound and I thought it was funny because I knew what happened. Loved it and will see episode 2

  79. jayson said:

    it is not even scary it kinda funnie

  80. alexis said:

    This story is Awsome!! i actually got all creeped out i want to read the books now!

  81. keith said:

    I thought that it was really cool also i was scared when the guy with the hook snatched that guy away from the window. that was scary.i thought it was really good and cool.

  82. Cadi G72 said:

    That’s overall cool the whole “listen,read,watch” also, I didn’t quite think the leading up became all that scary. Just because the claw is show for 3 seconds before. But, I did like the quick grab then and the end narrator’s voice was cool.

  83. makenzie G74 said:

    I really enjoyed it and i would reconmendit to some one who likes suspense! I i loved the readind experiance! it ended totally different than i thought! I also loved the combonation of all 3 it added another eliment1 The 3 parts added to the stories!

  84. Maggie said:

    Hey Miss. Galgon it’s Maggie and I am in Mrs. Fair’s reading class. Oh my gosh that was sooooooo scary at least I thought I cant wait to see more though. My friend jumped when the light when out, and I was freaking out when I saw the claw.

  85. Kennedy - Fair said:

    wow I love these short storys but I truly do wish that the other episodes were free too cause there so interesting and freaky.

  86. Michael said:

    I like how the video builds suspence by showing the character slowly looking around the room for the creepy noise. Also, the hook creeped me out!

  87. Michael said:

    (B71). and i have an ipod touch so i think i’m going to bye the others aswell :)

    Thankyou Miss.Galgon for sharing this with us

  88. Haley said:

    3:15 is very suspensful and interesting.I kinda wish that the video was londer cause it was interesting to watch the story.I thought at the end that id see like a dead persons bones with the hook but the end was still pretty interesting. i really like the creativity but i wish it would scare me more. :)

  89. Jenn said:

    I liked it. I have to admit it wasn’t as good as skeleton creek, but still good. Everytime I see that light go out I jump.

  90. Carter G75 said:

    Well that was fun sitting home alone with my lights off!ha the ending was like how all scary movies end so i kind of knew it was coming.But i liked how you had to read and watch.

  91. Kiana said:

    It was pretty good,my computed didnt load the video :( but it sounds creepy

  92. Aryana said:

    i thought it was cool how you can listen and read and watch. i would want to see the other episodes. I would of liked it to be longer and for it to be a lot more scarier,but it was cool.

  93. kristi said:

    At first i thought it was getting interesting, but when i say the video when the hook came i got kinda creeped out, but it wasn’t what i thought it would of ended like.

  94. Adam said:

    That was pretty scary, the most scariest part was when I say the hook behind him and SNATCHED him away these videos are pretty cool

  95. Nathan said:

    I think that was really cool but it wasn’t that scary. The only thing that made me jump was the sound when the lights turned off…

  96. chris said:

    i liked the combination of reading a story and watching videos it was a cool story it added to the story

  97. Tristan b81 said:

    Wow that is just awesome! I found the part about where his dad disseapearing was so exciting.

  98. Erik said:

    I thought this was actually really cool, but not so him away from the door scary. The only thing that kinda scared me and made my heart beat faster was 2 things. 1. when the lights went out and 2. when the hock in the back drag him away from the door and then the door shut. Other than that i was really cool video. I like reading, listening, and watching.

  99. ashley b71 :) said:

    i thought it was kinda crepy. The end i did not expect i thought thet he will come back but he did not. I thought the combination of reading and vidoes were interesting. I was not scared at all in the movies. I say that it was supost to be scary but it was not.:)

  100. tatiana b71 said:

    at frist it was really borin and i thought it was going to get excteing but it didnt i thought someone would have jumped out of the window when he looked outside but i guess not…. :)tatiana

  101. Rj said:

    This was awesome, I was not even scared. It was just creepy. I liked reading and watching the video.

  102. Tyler said:

    The story was kind of scary but it was weird because nothing happened. I can’t wait to see the other story’s.

  103. CheyanneG74 said:

    I thought it was kind of boring because it wasn’t scary. AT ALL. It was entertaining in a funny way. I wouldn’t call it a scary story!!!!

  104. JessG75 said:

    I would never consider that a “scary story” I think it was REALLLLLYYYYY funny but not the slightest bit scary. Maybe if there was more to it it would be better other wise I would consider it a weird comedy.

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