What is the Buddy Bench?


Our LeTort Buddy Bench is outside on the playground.  If a child is upset, lonely, or does not have someone to play with, he/she would come to the buddy bench to find a friend.  We have some students who often need support/guidance during recess and this bench is there to help!  When a student comes and sits on the buddy bench, other children will come to the rescue!  REMEMBER, WE ARE HERE TO HELP ONE ANOTHER!

We are holding a contest to advertise our buddy bench.  I am asking interested students to use a piece of 8.5 X 11 inch paper, colored pencils, crayons, and/or markers to help advertise our LeTort buddy bench.  Today, at our first all-school assembly, we discussed the importance of the buddy bench and students were able to see an example of a sign for another school’s buddy bench.  The faculty and staff will then select the winning advertisement to be made into a sign for the playground.

Paper is available in the office.  The contest begins tomorrow, Tuesday, September 16th and runs through Tuesdsay, September 23rd.  Students are asked to turn in his/her drawing to the office by the closing of school on September 23rd.

Summer Reading Program


The results are finalized from our 2014 Summer Reading Progam and it looks like….I will NOT be sleeping on the roof this year.  We had 141 students participate, which equals 59% participation of our Letort students.  Those students who did participate in the reading program will be rewarded over lunch recess on September 22nd, so be sure to ask them all about the incentive.  Thank you for encouraging your child(ren) to read, read, read over the summer.  Who knows…maybe next year I will be sleeping on the roof!

Will I be Sleeping on the Roof?


As many of you know, I challenged the students to read, read, read over the summer and if we had 80% student participation in our summer reading program, I would be sleeping on the roof this fall.  As of now, I will most likely NOT be sleeping on the roof but I am hoping that changes by TOMORROW!  Students need to turn in those summer reading calendars  to school by Thursday, August 28, 2014 to their classroom teacher.  I will be announcing very soon if I will or will not be sleeping on the roof…time will tell!