Important points from last night’s safety seminar


On Monday, November 23rd, Penn Manor sponsored a school safety event with Mr. John Baker presenting.  Here are some key points to summarize in case you missed it.

  • We have built this program on the safety foundation established at home by caring families for their children
  • We are approaching how to respond to violence as a life skill not a school skill.  We must prepare our children for life beyond school and home
  • These strategies compliment stranger danger, home fire safety and child abuse/rape prevention teachings we share with our children now
  • We are simply extending the permissions many children have now when confronted with a violent person in the community to the school campus (run if you can, do whatever you can to protect yourself if you can’t)
  • All the strategies have one common goal:  getting to a safe place
  • We teach that people must have situational awareness; a sense of what is happening around them in order to use these strategies
  • The primary strategy discussed is the importance of ESCAPING to a safe place during a violent situation to avoid injury
  • When ESCAPE is not an option we teach how to create a safe place
  • Finally if you are faced with violence and have nowhere to go we discuss how to ENGAGE violence by creating a distraction so you can escape to a safe place




Hotmail Issue

As posted on the district website this afternoon:

Penn Manor is continuing to have difficulty communicating via email with users of Hotmail,, MSN and

Emails from Penn Manor are being blocked for an unspecified reason by these online services. Hotmail’s server status tools report that Penn Manor’s systems are functioning normally, and no other online services are blocking our messages.

Despite this, the Hotmail support representatives have stated that they “do not have the liberty to discuss the nature of the block.”

Until this issue is resolved, please consider using alternative email systems, such as Yahoo or Gmail, if possible.

We apologize for the problem, which is beyond our control.

This Week’s Schedule


This is a busy week in the Penn Manor School District.  Below is a list of upcoming events:

Monday ~ November 23rd – Safety Seminar with Mr. John Baker at PMHS at 6:30.  If child care is needed, please contact 872-1401.

Wednesday – Monday (November 25-30) ~ No School due to Thanksgiving Vacation; school reopens Tuesday, December 1st.


Picture Retake Day is Tomorrow

   camera-clipart-300x210   Picture Retakes will be done TOMORROW, November 18th, at 1:00 pm. This is only for students who were absent on Picture Day, or who want their picture taken due to a problem with their original pictures. Please note that all of the original pictures must be returned on the Retake Day. Additional order envelopes are available in the office, if needed. Morning Kindergarten students requiring a picture retake will need to be brought back to the school at 1:00 that day.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Thank you so much for joining us over the past two days to discuss your child(ren)’s progress since school began in August.  We all know how valuable time is especially during this time of the year and often 15 minutes is not enough but it was so worthwhile.  We love sharing the glows and grows for each individual child.  Please know that you can contact us at any time if any questions or concerns arise.  Have a great weekend!

Also, we would like to extend a HUGE thank-you to our PTO.  We thoroughly enjoyed the Italian feast ~ we were treated like royalty as you can see from all the smiling faces!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Booknado Update – Day 7

tornado-303208_640     Good Morning, LeTortopolis! Today is the first day of Book Fair.

   After solving yesterday’s clues left by the booknado himself, students and teachers were very confused. The 2nd and 4th graders worked extremely hard to solve the scrambled words left in their classroom. The words were “adjectives”, which are words that seemed to describe how the booknado is feeling. Some of the words were lonely, hurt, scared, heartbroken, and misunderstood, which actually confuses me more. Why would Booknado act so destructive if he felt this way? Why wouldn’t he just relax and be himself? After sitting down with Mrs. Strosser yesterday afternoon, she mentioned that a lot of us sometimes act out in different ways. We all feel lonely or hurt sometimes, and we can be scared of things. When things don’t go the way we want them to we can feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

Could this be what the Booknado is feeling? Here he is, just doing what his feelings seem to be driving him to do. Maybe we shouldn’t have focused so much energy on ALL our research of “How to Capture a Booknado“. Maybe our focus should have been “How to understand a Booknado?” I mean, we are ALL different and we ALL feel things in different ways.

     As the Book Fair was being set up late yesterday afterschool, Dr. Habel and Dr. Smith noticed the Booknado coming out of the Kindergarten classroom. There the Moolah collection was strongest at $12 & change. The booknado didn’t seem to attack; it just headed towards the LeTortopolis Library.

When the booknado got to the door of the library, he was greeted by the happy, loving, full-of-imagination LeTortopolis Monsters. Instead of the monsters running and hiding from the booknado, they greeted him with smiles and hugs.

You see, ALL this time the booknado was NOT trying to destroy the books; he was just trying to figure out how to receive happiness, joy, imagination, and love from the LeTortopolis Monsters. He thought if he could just take more and more of what was making them happy, loving, and full of imagination, that they would want to be his friend, and that he too would feel the same way as them.

Now he realized that they felt that way because they were sharing the books and giving, not taking.

     Just the same as the girls and boys of LeTort gave of their Moolah, not ONLY to try and capture the booknado, BUT to give books to kids who don’t have any.

As you visit the Book Fair this week make sure to greet our “infamous” booknado. He has graciously purchased some new books for the LeTort Classroom libraries. He has promised us that the two books he destroyed were already missing pages and not of much use anymore. The booknado and Monsters of LeTortopolis have agreed to live here at LeTort with us, and they promise to always handle our books with care and love; they even got a hold of a cell phone and texted Mrs. McPherson last night. They wrote, “We are JH and we will continue to LE here at LeTort FOREVER”. Mrs. McPherson, being the cool and with-it Principal replied back to the monsters and Booknado, “We here at LeTort are glad you are “Just Happy” and that you will continue “Loving Everything”.

Now we just wait and see which Grade Group is going to WIN the Prize of a Lifetime. Keep bringing in your moolah. It could be you.