Manor Township Police ~ we applaud you!


I just wanted to take some time and convey my sincere appreciation to the Manor Township Police Department who protect our school.   They are very vigilant and always looking out for our building, staff members and students at our school.   We are so lucky to have their watchful eye and I want to recognize their efforts.   If you are ever in the building volunteering and you see one of these officers, please go introduce yourself and thank them for their protection.

Thank you!


PTO Fundraising

Hello LeTort Families-

Don’t FORGET to register your kids online for our Great American Fundraiser. It’s super easy…just register and then send emails or texts to friends and families with your child’s online link. Every one item purchased with your child’s online link earns them an incentive and is applied toward our great prizes ;0)

Thank you so much!!!  Happy Selling ;0)

The LOVE of Learning

Friday in Mrs. Winters’ 2nd grade was a busy one!  Two butterflies emerged from their chrysalises during the course of the day.  The students were so thrilled!

This impromptu learning experience was driven by a student in Mrs. Winters class.  Sami Cook shared a summer writing piece about her love of catching butterflies.  This writing piece led Mrs. Winters to search for caterpillars and the excitement for learning began!

winters3 winters2 winters1

Grocery Gift Cards

grocery-gift-card  Grocery gift cards will be available for purchase at the Meet the Teacher Open House this Thursday, September 15, 4:00-6:00 pm. There will be a table in the lobby with a PTO Representative with Giant, John Herrs, Weis, Darrenkamps and Stauffers of Kissel Hill gift cards.  Please consider supporting our PTO by participating in this ongoing fundraiser.

If you are a new family to LeTort, please stop by the table to find out how this program works to raise money for our LeTort students.

Thank you

Information on Recess

Penn Manor School District believes that recess plays an important part in an elementary child’s school day.  As part of the revised elementary academic schedule implemented for 2016-2017, daily lunch/recess procedures have been slightly modified at (school name).  The modifications have been made as part of the district’s effort to create an elementary schedule that focuses on the academic and developmental needs of elementary children.

Students now have a 20-minute lunch, followed by a 20 minute lunch recess each day. In previous years, students had a 15-minute lunch, a 20-minute lunch recess, and an optional 15-minute recess.

Under the new schedule, the minutes for the optional 15-minute recess utilized in previous years are being spread throughout the day. Teachers are now expected to give their students multiple breaks throughout the day for the remaining time. During these break periods, students may engage in stretching, a short recess or an additional activity, at the discretion of each teacher.

The goal is to give teachers greater control in determining when students need a break versus having the schedule dictate the break.  This is something the elementary principals will continue to monitor throughout the year so that adjustments can be made as necessary.

If you have any specific questions about this change, please contact your child’s principal and/or teacher.