Will I be Sleeping on the Roof?


As many of you know, I challenged the students to read, read, read over the summer and if we had 80% student participation in our summer reading program, I would be sleeping on the roof this fall.  As of now, I will most likely NOT be sleeping on the roof but I am hoping that changes by TOMORROW!  Students need to turn in those summer reading calendars  to school by Thursday, August 28, 2014 to their classroom teacher.  I will be announcing very soon if I will or will not be sleeping on the roof…time will tell!

Welcome Back!

It was wonderful to see all the smiling faces this morning as students arrived at school.  We are thrilled to see both new and old faces!  I hope your child(ren) share lots of exciting news around the dinner table this evening ~ it has been a busy day!


PM Transitions to an Electronic Calendar

For those of you who are checking the mail for the paper Penn Manor calendar, the search is over.  This year Penn Manor will transition from a print calendar to an electronic calendar.   There are options for your most convenient way to view the calendar.

One option is linked to the existing Penn Manor blog, which can be found at:    www.pennmanor.net.


Here you will find a new tab for Calendar options.   From this tab, you can see the year at a glance, the full month calendar and the PM sporting events calendar.   Printable schedules for fall, winter and spring sports are available here.

Another helpful way to stay current with PM happenings is to download the mobile app.   It is available on any platform.   Simply search Penn Manor and you can download it.  From this app, you are able to download events to your own calendar, you can view the lunch schedule for all levels and even check your grades via Sapphire.


Letort will continue to use our blog as a source of information specific to our school. Remember our blog has an events calendar listed across the top pages, which is kept up to date regarding holidays, early dismissals and special events we host for our students.

Do You Want to Stay Connected?


I am writing to again offer a service to you this year that may simplify life a little more.  Everyone loves more sleep right or a friendly reminder?   We offer the opportunity to learn about late starts and snow cancellations minutes after the district announces it.  Additionally, throughout the year we will send friendly reminders that will include upcoming dates, events, and other important information.  If you have a cell phone I’m going to send text message updates to any family who would like to subscribe. Standard text message rates will apply.  To join this service, you simply Text 23559 and write @letortinfo in the message box to subscribe to the text message updates! It’s as easy as that!

Here is how it works…I created an account at Celly, a free group text messaging service. When you send a text to 23559 and write @letortinfo in the message box, you will receive a welcome message from me. This means you’re subscribed to my text messages. When I receive the call from the district office that school has been delayed or canceled due to inclement weather, I will send a text message from this site and if you have subscribed, you will get the text message within minutes.  Please know if your service provider blocks shortcode, you will need to call them to see if they can turn this feature on for you.  Shortcode is the ability to text to numbers less than 7 digits.

As soon as you text @letortinfo to 23559 you’re subscribed! Simple! Please note two important points of this service.  All phone numbers are kept confidential and you cannot reply to the text messages.  Also, ALL STANDARD TEXT MESSAGE RATES APPLY based on your carrier!!  To unsubscribe from the messages, you simply send the message OFF to 23559.

Are you reading….


I hope that all students have diligently read for at least 7 hours this summer.  Remember with 80% participation in our summer reading initiative, Mrs. McPherson (and hopefully some LeTort teachers) will be sleeping on the roof this fall.  Keep up with your reading ~ you still have TWO FULL WEEKS to get in those reading hours!

Do you need or know someone who needs to register students?


Penn Manor School District is urging parents of new students to begin the registration process for the 2014-15 school year now to avoid the last-minute rush to get their children signed up by the start of school on Aug. 25.

Any child who will be attending a Penn Manor school for the first time in 2014-15 must be registered. In addition, students who previously attended Penn Manor but did not complete the academic year must re-enroll.

For students who are new to the district, parents must visit the online registration page  to complete an online registration, then call 872-9550 to schedule an appointment with the registrar to submit proof of residence, immunization records and other required documents.

Here is a list of what to bring.

Parents of students who were previously enrolled in a district school can skip the first step but must make an appointment with the registrar to complete their registrations by calling 872-9550.