Peer conflict versus bullying

The word bullying is one you read about through various media options.   It is important to be informed about the difference between normal peer conflict and bullying.   We educate our children on these differences and also how to respond if they feel the situation has escalated to the level on-going bullying level.    Take a look at the chart below for more information.

Every child is entitled to come to school, feel safe and be completely immersed in learning without any distractions.   We hope to provide this kind of environment for your child through educating children on appropriate conduct.

peer conflict versus bullying

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Points from the safety seminar


On Monday, November 23rd, Penn Manor sponsored a school safety event with Mr. John Baker presenting.  Here are some key points to summarize in case you missed it.

  • We have built this program on the safety foundation established at home by caring families for their children
  • We are approaching how to respond to violence as a life skill not a school skill.  We must prepare our children for life beyond school and home
  • These strategies compliment stranger danger, home fire safety and child abuse/rape prevention teachings we share with our children now
  • We are simply extending the permissions many children have now when confronted with a violent person in the community to the school campus (run if you can, do whatever you can to protect yourself if you can’t)
  • All the strategies have one common goal:  getting to a safe place
  • We teach that people must have situational awareness; a sense of what is happening around them in order to use these strategies
  • The primary strategy discussed is the importance of ESCAPING to a safe place violent situation to avoid injury
  • When ESCAPE is not an option we teach how to create a safe place
  • Finally if you are faced with violence and have nowhere to go we discuss how to ENGAGE violence by creating a distraction so you can escape to a safe place
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6th grade yearbook winners announced

It has been a tradition at Martic to sponsor a yearbook cover contest.  Children are able to submit one entry and staff votes to select a winner.  There were amazing entries this year.  It was hard to pick, but we have selected the first place winner.   The picture below is the first place winner.   This picture was created and designed by Mikey Dearolf.



The image below was created by Elise Forrest and was the second place winner.  This image will appear on the back of our 2015-2016 yearbook.  Congratulations to both of our winners and thank you to all of the children who participated.



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Hotmail accounts

As posted on the district website this afternoon:

Penn Manor is continuing to have difficulty communicating via email with users of Hotmail,, MSN and

Emails from Penn Manor are being blocked for an unspecified reason by these online services. Hotmail’s server status tools report that Penn Manor’s systems are functioning normally, and no other online services are blocking our messages.

Despite this, the Hotmail support representatives have stated that they “do not have the liberty to discuss the nature of the block.”

Until this issue is resolved, please consider using alternative email systems, such as Yahoo or Gmail, if possible.

We apologize for the problem, which is beyond our control.

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Planning ahead for PSSA tests

I wanted to remind everyone of the PSSA dates for the upcoming 2016 sessions.    I have copied the entire testing window below.   Please remember that pre-planned trips will not be authorized during the testing windows.   The schedule usually allows for one test per day and we work hard to keep instruction as usual during the other part of the day.

PSSA schedule

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Reminders for the upcoming week:

Monday ~ November 23rd – Safety Seminar with Mr. John Baker at PMHS at 6:30.  If child care is needed, please contact 872-1401.

Wednesday, November 25th through – Monday, November 30th ~ No School due to Thanksgiving Vacation

School reopens Tuesday, December 1st.



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Penn Manor hosts safety seminar

Please consider joining us for this important topic.


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First graders review components of history

Our first graders hosted a wonderful depiction of the first Thanksgiving today.    It was a joy to watch as two schools pulled together and performed this first time ever combined performance.    Thank you to all of our first grade teachers who rehearsed and helped with costumes.    Thank you to all of our honored guests who attended the 3 minute play and beamed with such great pride at your adorable children.

If you click HERE you will be able to see one filming of the play.   The video I was taking for the blog had to be interrupted so I could fix the microphone, so this was an extra I was able to find.  If you have a video that spans the entire group, please share so I can add.

Check out some of our images.

IMG_1580 IMG_1555 IMG_1564 IMG_1560IMG_1556 IMG_1558 IMG_1570 IMG_1572

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A reward for our kids and a thank you to you!

Today the children who sold 10 or more items for our fundraiser were invited to attend a dance party in our cafeteria.   It was a blast to see the kids let loose and enjoy themselves.  The big kids mingled with the little ones and smiles were ear to ear.   I found it funny when some of the youngsters had to take a rest and sit out, while our staff members kept right on dancing.    Thank you to every family who helped with sales.   This effort was a huge success.


Our three top winners were:

  • 1st place: Grayson Lane 57 items (Skyzone Tickets)
  • 2nd place:  Kayin Creasy 54 items (Castle Roller Rink Tickets)
  • 3rd place:  Jacob Urban 53 items (Movie Tickets)

Parents can stop by the office to claim your child’s prize!

IMG_5559 IMG_5558


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Attention bus #134 and bus #218

Bus routes today will be impacted for bus #134 and bus #218.   These routes will be impacted by a house fire on Marticville Road and may delay the route a little bit.   We still anticipate that the bus driver will be able to get through, the buses may just be late.

Thank you for understanding.


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