First grade faces bring a smile

First graders know how to have fun with reading.  Mrs. Duff always knows how to bring out the creative side to reading.   We are very lucky to have these adorable readers and Mrs. Duff working together to bring Arthur’s Eyes alive through reader’s theatre.  


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Penn Manor Elementary Wrestling!

Wrestling Sign Ups

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Just A Reminder!

No School

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Practicing our emergency procedures

Today we were able to conduct a surprise fire evacuation.   These are a great way to practice, as you never can be sure as to when an actual emergency will happen.   Today, we had the fire drill pulled in our school, by a younger sibling that was visiting the building.   Things like this happen.  The great news, our school team of staff and students evacuated quickly and efficiently.   The sweet news, our fire department was quick to respond to ensure our safety.

If you heard the alarm, I wanted you to be aware of the reason.


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Red Ribbon Week!

Martic Elementary is getting ready to celebrate Red Ribbon Week 2014.  The week will be filled with special themes to support anti-drug use and anti-bullying.   See the list below for our different themed days!

Red Ribbon Week 2014


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Podcast for FACTS

Here is an audio podcast that has the songs associated with multiplication counting.   This is in a format that can be downloaded to your child’s ipod, tablet or mobile device if they desire to listen to it.  You can also download it to a CD and burn it so every member of the family can listen to it while driving in the car.

I am the mom who did the car option.   My kids joked about it non stop, but they also learned all of their facts by implementing this basic easy for me strategy.   I would encourage you to give it a try.


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A letter to Martic parents

Today, this letter will be coming home with your child.   Please click on the link below to read this important letter.

Martic Varicella letter

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Bus driver appreciation week!

This week is dedicated to all of our bus drivers.   Bus drivers have a great amount of responsibility.   Kids on the bus, watching the road and knowing every stop for their bus runs are just a few.   We are fortunate at Martic to have caring, wonderful drivers.   This week is dedicated to them!   If you happen to be at the bus stop this week, please remember to thank your driver.

photo 1

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The new addition to our playground

The newest addition to our playground was a big hit today.   Kids were very excited to sit around and catch up about all the weekend happenings.   This is a fun place to gather and we are thankful for our PTO for funding this new addition to our playground.

photo 2 newtable


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Singing your facts…..

Take a look at this video for a musical way to practice your math facts.   Play this for your children and these facts will catch on rather quickly.



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