Safety scenarios

As I mentioned in a post back in November, we are conducting safety scenarios with the kids at school.  Today we practiced another conversation as to the best way to keep safe.  This was in response to a scenario that was shared with the children.   We do reinforce with the children that these are just drills.   Fifth graders teased me that I reminded everyone that it was a DRILL at least 7 times in one minute.   :)

There are different levels of conversations, based on the age/grade of your child. Our goal is always to keep a sense of calm, but keep children educated about responses.  Please ask your child about this conversation.  If you have any questions about these drills or scenarios, please do not hesitate to call my office at 284-4128.


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Celebrating various careers

On Friday (and today for PM kindergarten), our students dressed up like a future worker.    It was fun to walk around and see the different outfits representing various employment opportunities.   Thank you for taking the time to discuss the importance of the many job fields that our children may be interested in.    These are important conversations.

Attachment-1 KDGcopIMG_9178 IMG_9179 IMG_9180 IMG_9181

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Comet Camp for Elementary Field Hockey!

Do you have a student entering grades 1-7, who would be interested in learning more about field hockey?  Please click on the link below for more information about Comet Camp.

Comet Camp Field Hockey Flyer 2015



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Science EXPO is a huge success at Martic

Last evening we celebrated Science at Martic.   It was such a joy to see so many participants for this event.   Thank you Mrs. Aucott and Mr. Andrew for coordinating this event for our students.  It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot.

I would also like to thank all of our judges who helped provide the participants with feedback.   Mr. Sellers, Mr. Wisman, Mrs. Bushong, Mrs. Aucott, Mr. Andrew, Mrs. Hatfield and Mr. Martin.

CherylScience Science (2)IMG_9150 IMG_9149 IMG_9148 IMG_9147 IMG_9146 IMG_9145 Pizza Science  Science  Science4 Science7Science3Science5 Science6

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Preschool Lunch and Learn




Preschool Lunch and Learn April 2Preschool Lunch and Learn - April



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REMINDER! Early Dismissal on Friday, March 27th!


Just a reminder that tomorrow (3/27/15) is an early dismissal (1:30).  There will be no P.M. Kindergarten.


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PSSA tests are coming soon

Please be aware of our PSSA testing window and take a look at this video message from Dr. Sugra about how you can help to encourage your son or daughter during this week.  We are so proud of our teachers and students for their commitment to lifelong learning.

PSSA principal message

PSSA 2015 dates

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Pennsylvania State Police ~ we applaud you!


I just wanted to take some time and convey my sincere appreciation to the Pennsylvania State Police troopers who protect our school.   They are very vigilant and always looking out for our building, staff members and students at our school.   We are so lucky to have their watchful eye and I want to recognize their efforts.   If you are ever in the building volunteering and you see one of these officers, please go introduce yourself and thank them for their protection.

Have a great evening.




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Drummers at Martic

I love my job for so many reasons, but I especially love the things I get to observe during the day.  Here are three beginning drummers working with Mr. Dutton. They are working on playing the “paradiddle” – a hand pattern of R L R R or L R L L.  Take a peek by clicking below.

Drumming Along Through My Day.

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Summer Camp Opportunity!

YWCA Summer Camp

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