PTO fundraiser reminder….

Martic’s Fall Fundraiser is in Full Swing!!!


Don’t forget to get out and sell the tasty subs and pizzas! For those garden lover’s, we have a great selection of fall bulbs!!


Your hard work raises money for field trips, school assemblies, a whole school field trip, and much more!


By selling 10 items (15 per family) you can earn an afternoon of obstacles and mazes!

Think American Ninja Warrior, done in Martic style!!


The top 7 sellers will earn fun prizes from places such as:

Movie Tickets

Sky Zone

Going Bananas

Bounce Kraze


Miniature Golf


All of your had work makes a difference and is greatly appreciated!

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Please read the letter from Dr. Sugra

September 28, 2016

Dear Parents,

Over the past week, I was able to meet with every grade level to review ways we keep our school safe.   In primary grades K-3, we discussed safe and unsafe items to bring to school.  Children were provided visual images of items that are unsafe to bring to school.   Some of the images included cigarettes, lighters, pocket knives and toys that look like replica weapons.   We discussed in detail ways children can report to adults if they see unsafe items in school or what to do if they accidentally bring in an unsafe item.

In grades 4-6, we covered safe and unsafe items to bring to school and two school board policies; bullying/cyber-bullying and harassment.   We talked about what constitutes bullying and how this ties to the cyber world.    Bullying is defined as unwelcome verbal, written or physical conduct directed at another student.  These behaviors would happen over a period of time, and would not be an isolated incident.  This discussion included texting, e-mails, web-site postings, and digital images.  Our kids are very fortunate to have had many lessons regarding bullying over the years and students were quickly able to define bullying and cite examples.   They also knew appropriate means to report bullying and that any report would be followed by an investigation.

All kids were encouraged to ask questions regarding the grade level presentations.  For the children in fourth, fifth and sixth grade, I asked all children to sign the two policies to indicate their compliance and understanding.  If you would please take a few minutes to ask your son or daughter about this topic, I would appreciate it.

All school board policies can be accessed through the Penn Manor blog.  If you have any questions regarding these policies, please do not hesitate to give me a call at 284-4128.


Jen Sugra

Dr. Sugra

Martic Principal



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Schools briefly placed on lockdown

Three Penn Manor schools were under partial lockdown Wednesday afternoon as a precaution while police searched for a suspect near Quarryville. Upon recommendation of police, Martic and Pequea Elementary and Marticville Middle School were placed on partial lockdown around 1 p.m. as state police were searching for a suspect in the 900 block of Lancaster Pike. The suspect was apprehended around 1:30 p.m., and the lockdown was lifted.

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Clothing Distribution Day


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Have your artwork seen at the State Capitol. See below for details…


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Color Wall

Mrs. Steffy worked with all of the kids in every level to build this color wall.   The overall lesson focused on color theory, but was tailored to meet the needs of the children in different grade levels.   Children in the younger grades invested Roy Gbiv and the children in the older grades investigated color mixing to produce various colors through artist exploration.   It looks beautiful handing in our hallways and I am thankful it is there  to brighten our days.    The next time you are at school, please take a peek.    Thank you Mrs. Steffy for coordinating this project.


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Martic PTO kicks off the Fall fundraiser ~ please participate.

It is an exciting time of year.   We are asking parents to help us with our PTO fall fundraiser.  The funds raised through this event allows our PTO to fund all of the extra experiences for kids.   The incentive prize this year will be an opportunity for kids to participate in an obstacle course during the first week of November.   It will be very fun!



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Tomorrow will be a beautiful day for a run!


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Get Ready and Practice your smiles…..Picture Day is almost here!


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Bus 228 is running late

Bus 228 is running a little late due to mechanical issues.

.Bus Thank You

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