1:1 Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and important notes regarding the 1:1 Laptop Project.

Q: Can I print from my 1:1 laptop to one of the school printers or copiers?

A: Although it is possible for students to set-up and use many types of personal printers with their 1:1 laptop at home, Penn Manor is not providing printing capabilities at school from 1:1 computers. To print documents at school, students must use the computers in the library to print to the library copier. There are a few ways of accessing your documents on the library computers to be able to print them, including uploading to Google Drive, saving documents to the Student Network Share, or using a USB flash drive.

Q: Where can I download more applications for my computer?

A: The recommended method for getting more apps on your 1:1 laptop is through the Ubuntu Software Center, which has thousands of free and paid apps available for download. To access the Software Center, click on the Applications Menu at the top of your launcher dock at the left hand side of the screen and type “Software Center” into the search box. Click on “Ubuntu Software Center” to launch the store. Please keep in mind that any additional software installed on 1:1 laptops, paid or free, is the responsibility of the student. For more information, please see a student tech support specialist.

Q: Can I use devices such as a mouse, flash drive, or an iPod with my 1:1 laptop?

A: Yes, students are allowed to use their own devices and peripherals with their 1:1 laptop. Most devices will work without any special set-up with the 1:1 systems, including devices such as USB mice and keyboards and USB storage devices such as external hard drives and flash disks. Students are liable for any damages caused by their use of personal devices with their district provided laptop. To find out if your devices are compatible with your 1:1 laptop or how to install them, contact a student tech specialist for assistance.

Q: I am taking a world language course and need to use my 1:1 laptop for my coursework, but I need to change the keyboard layout? Is it possible to change the keyboard language?

A: Yes, it is possible to easily add and change the keyboard language and layout on your 1:1 computer. It is possible to switch between keyboard layouts as you need them. Please see this blog post for more information.

Q: How can I back up my personal documents and files on my 1:1 laptop so I don’t lose them in a system or hard drive crash? Should I back up my files before bringing my laptop to the 1:1 Helpdesk?

A: There are many different methods of backing up your 1:1 laptop’s files and folders. We recommend using a USB flash disk to back up your files with the backup software that is provided with the 1:1 systems. It is important to back up your files and folders on any computer regularly, you may not know when a system crash or hard drive failure could occur, and you may lose your data. It is also important that you back up your files before bringing your laptop to the High School Room 200 Helpdesk, or to a middle school technology specialist. If you need assistance with backing up your documents and files, please read this blog post.

Q: I need to convert or upload documents that have on my 1:1 computer to sites such as Google Drive or TurnItIn. How can I save the files so they can be opened with compatible software such as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages?

A: Because there are so many different file types that your documents and files can be saved as, it may be necessary to export your files to compatible formats so that other software suites such as Microsoft Office or Apple iWork can utilize them. Exporting files to different formats largely varies depending on the application used to create the file. If you are working with LibreOffice documents, take a look at this blog post for a tutorial on saving documents as Microsoft Office compatible files.