Proper Care For Your Student Laptop

The student laptops are very helpful. You can use them to keep track of assignments, finish homework, do presentations, edit photos, and play a few games once and a while. These are some awesome things you can do with your laptop, but it is hard to get things accomplished with a cracked screen, or missing keyboard key, and cracked plastic. It’s also very costly. Always backup your files (link) just in case something happens to your laptop.

 1. Storing the laptop

Many students keep their student laptops in the backpacks and this isn’t safe for the laptops. The laptop screens are very fragile and can break when little pressure is applied. When traveling always store the laptop the provided. When the laptop is not in use keep it in the case and off the ground where it can be stepped on.

2. Closing the laptop

When closing the laptop make sure there isn’t any objects between the screen and the keyboard, like pencils, erasers, flash drives, etc. If their is an object between the screen and the laptop it could cause the screen to crack. If the laptop lid seems stuck don’t force the laptop to close.

3. Charging the Laptop        

Laptop batteries should be charged and ready for the school day.  When plugging/unplugging the charger cable from the outlet/laptop don’t pull it from the cord, lightly grab the end of the cable so the charger doesn’t break. For more on how to get the most battery life check this blog post (link).

 4. Cleaning Finger Prints

The laptops can easily get fingerprints on them, so using the mini cleaning wipe provided you can can clean smudges and fingerprints off the screen.


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