Your Laptop, Your Responsibility

Attention!Since the beginning of the school year we have had countless cracked dropped and misused laptops returned to the 1:1 help desk. We would like to minimize the amount of damage to these machines by following the steps included in this post as well as here.

  1. Do not leave your laptop unattended – The 1:1 laptops cost money and if one gets stolen it is a pricey fine.IMG_0293
  2. Keep it off the ground! – A laptop on the ground has a much higher chance of being stepped on and cracked.IMG_0288
  3. Liquid is bad – Keep your laptop away from drinks and water, liquids can get inside and short out your laptop.IMG_0286
  4. Keep it dust free – If dust or saw dust gets inside you laptop it can cause major problems, so keep it out of the wood shop if you can!IMG_0285
  5. Do not let it overheat – If your laptop starts to get really warm shut it off and give it a break. If it is a consistent problem submit a ticket or bring it to the help desk.
  6. Keep it off edges. – If a laptop falls off of a desk it can easily be cracked, so keep it away from the edge.  IMG_0300
  7. Close the lid – The laptop is much more fragile when the lid is open, so when not in use close it.IMG_0305
  8. Stranger danger – It is your laptop, so if it breaks its on you. Keep your laptop safe and refrain from letting others use itIMG_0311
  9. Cold is a no go. – Keeping your laptop in the car over the winter is not good for your laptop
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