Manage Google Chrome Passwords

Google Chrome is a great web browser and makes it easy to sync your passwords with all your devices logged in with the same account. In this post, I will show you how to manage your saved passwords. Let’s get started!


First Open Up Google Chrome. This can be done by searching for “Google Chrome” via the dash.



Inside Google Chrome, go to the settings.


In the settings of Google Chrome, search for “Password” in the search box.



Advanced Sync Settings” and “Manage Passwords” are the two main options for properly managing passwords.



Clicking “Advanced Sync Settings“, will show options to configure what is synced in the cloud from the selected account. These settings can also be used to Encrypt your passwords for extra security.



Clicking “Manage Passwords” will show the passwords currently synced to the logged in Google Account.



Remember to never share your passwords online or with people you don’t trust. To be safe Encrypt your passwords for extra security.

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