Girls Can Be Tech Room Helpers Too!

Hey guys, it’s Susan. There’s some stereotypes about how girls can’t be in the tech office or how the tech office is just for boys. I’m here to clear those stereotypes. For any girls that like technology and would like to join the 1:1 Student Help Desk, please go to guidance and grab an independent study sheet. Once you grab this sheet, come down to 200 (once it’s filled out) and so the rest can be filled out. All you have to do is submit this to your guidance counselor, so you can have the helpdesk as one of your blocks next year.


If you’re interested in technology but are unsure of what to exactly do, no need to fear. Anyone in your class will help you. The teachers will help you. If you’re stuck in a block with me, I will gladly help you! To pass this honors independent study class, you just need to do what you have to do, work in this class  This consists of writing blogs posts, helping students as they come in, participating in repairing laptops, and just giving your best. I am currently the only girl in the student help desk, and we need more girls to balance out the stereotype that only guys can be tech savvy.


Being here third block is fun and both frustrating. I love helping everyone that comes into the tech room but I’m still learning as I go on, so it’s tough when a student comes in with a problem I don’t know how to fix. As the quote says “There is always room for improvement”. I’m still learning each day that I am in here. This class requires you to know software and hardware repairs. Hardware repairs you have to fix any part of a laptop that is broken and be able to tell what broken parts need to be replaced. Software repairs consist of knowing what’s wrong internally with a laptop. I am horrible at software problems.


One more reason why this class is great, it gives you a needed break from other classes. If you like technology, this is a class where you can take a break from your classes and do something that you like (as long as it’s on topic). I love having this class because I can repair laptops and interact with new people that I wouldn’t normally talk to. Plus, being a girl tech student can easily surprise your friends. I have friends that have laptop troubles that come down during my block and are shocked that I’m taking their laptop apart so I can fix whatever troubles they had. I think it’s hilarious. To any girls out there, you can surprise your friends by becoming a help desk student! We can help you improve, all you have to do is try the course out.


If you’re interested in doing something in the technology field when you get older, you can apply for a college and mention that you were in the student help desk. Some technology businesses say that there needs to be more girls, so you have a chance at getting a scholarship and getting a good job for the future. To all the girls out there, just give it a try!

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