About Dual Monitor Setups

Many of you have probably seen in the movies or on a tv show where someone has a computer and multiple screens that the mouse can move to.  You might not know it but your 1:1 Laptop is capable of being a computer with multiple monitors.


First you need your laptop (obviously).  Then you need to have a monitor nearby that is not being used.  Then you will need a VGA cable, an HDMI cable or a DVI cable to connect the monitor to your laptop.  The type of cable you would want depends on your needs.  A VGA cable, for example, is an older type of cable that does not display at the highest possible quality but they are cheap.  An HDMI cable is usualy more expensive than a VGA cable but an HDMI cable can display picture in full HD.  A DVI cable is another option and it also displays in high quality.  Something to note about the VGA and DVI cables is that neither cable transfers sound to the next display so if you intend to play sound out of a secondary monitor or tv then the HDMI is the better option.



Above you can see the three types of cables respectively (HDMI, DVI, VGA)

Once you have connected the cable from your laptop to a secondary monitor, the laptop will automatically detect the secondary display. You can then go to “system settings” on your laptop for further customization.  When you go into system settings you can then change things like if the display is mirrored or you can drag the virtual display and move it to the preferred side.  Have fun with your multiple monitors!

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