What is the FCC

The Federal Communications commission or the FCC regulate the interstate and international communications of the United States and its territories. This includes radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable communications. The FCC is an independently run government agency that is overseen by congress.
The FCC main goals is to promote competition, and innovation within companies offering services within their criteria. With the rapid expansion in the use of technologies within the everyday person’s life, they ensure a set standard is always in place for companies to follow. These standards ensure companies always try to stay ahead of the competition with the frequent heightening of standards. They also set out to ensure new technologies are being spread alongside diversity and localism.

Without even knowing it, the FCC has made some changes in your life. Back the early 2000’s, all analog television sets were put away for good and switched with digital. This was due to the FCC making cable companies to switch. This change opened up more of the US “spectrum” in communication with the freeing of analog. The more recent news about the FCC involves the Obama administration and Net Neutrality.  To learn more about Net Neutrality Click Here.

The FCC is a vital part in today’s society. It ensure companies aren’t overcharging its consumers with outdated technology and sets standards to meet when new technology is introduced. They investigate companies while making educated decisions to change standards to maximize the US and it’s territories spectrum and security.

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