Building a Custom PC

Have you ever wanted to build a computer of your own? Well here is a step-by-step video and some info on how to get started. I spent an estimated total of about $450 on this build, but depending on what you want to use your PC for (Gaming, Editing, basic tasks, etc.) , will determine the cost. PCPartPicker is a website which helped me pick out parts that were the cheapest and compatible with each other.


Youtube Video link –

More Photos-

PcPartPicker List-

This Computer is awesome and Great for Gaming! My 1TB HDD and 8GB of ram is enough for now.

There is support for three monitors (HDMI, VGA, & DVI). I have dual monitors one 32″ HDMI and a 20″ VGA Monitor rotated portrait. There are a total of 7 fans in the computer (Purchased 4 Blue Led Lit fans, 1 Pre-installed in the case, CPU fan, & PSU fan)

I have not purchased a Graphics card yet, but the AMD A10 APU runs many of my Steam games on HIGH settings some games that run perfectly are Crysis 2, Goat Simulator, Minecraft, Hitman Absolution, GTA IV, etc.

Had no problems with video editing, animation with Flash, Pictures with Photoshop, it works great! I’m not saying it’s the best PC, but it good for what I use it for and it will be much better when I get a Graphics Card and add more storage.

I spent an estimated total $450 on this build

While building your PC always adjust the fans properly, look at the quick guide below.


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