Install DRC 2015 Testing Software

DRC Insight is required for a number of school assessments. Here are the self-install steps for middle and high school student laptops:

1. Click on the Dash icon. Type the word terminal, then click the Terminal program icon.

Open the Terminal.

You will see a window similar to the one below.

Terminal window.

2. We first need to uninstall the previous DRC program; to do so, type the following command:

sudo apt-get remove pmsddrc

…and press the ENTER key.

Remove previous DRC version.

3. The Terminal will ask you to continue. Press the ENTER on the keyboard to confirm the uninstall.

Confirm uninstall of previous version.

After pressing ENTER you will see several lines of text indicating the old program is being removed. This process will take a couple of seconds; please wait for it to complete. The next image shows the uninstall has finished.

Uninstall is finished.

4. Now we are ready to install the new 2015 version of the DRC Testing software; to do so, type the following command:

sudo apt-get install drc-insight

…and press the ENTER key.

Install 2015 DRC program.

5.  You will see the DRC License Agreement screen. Press the TAB key once to select <OK> and then press ENTER.

Accept License.

6. Now press the LEFT ARROW key once to select <Yes>, then press the ENTER key.

Accept License.

8. You will see several lines of text indicating the installation is taking place. Once it is complete, you will see an image like the one below.

DRC has been installed.

9. Close the Terminal window by clicking on the top left corner of its window.

Close out the Terminal.

10. Now we need to open the DRC Testing program. Click on the Dash icon, type drc and click on the DRC Insight icon.

Open the DRC program.

11.  The DRC program will show the Configuration Not Found screen. Click on the Assign Device to ORG Unit blue button.

DRC Configuration not found screen.

Click the blue Assign button.

12. You will see the  Device Registration screen. Type inside the text box the code your teacher will provide you. Make sure you type it exactly. Pay special attention to letters in capitals!

Type ORG code.

13. Make sure the code was typed properly; click on the blue Add button.

Click Add button.

14. Confirm the code you typed, and your school name are both correct.

Confirm your school.

15. Click on the blue Register button.

Click on Register button.

16. That’s it! The DRC Testing program has been successfully installed and you are taken to the Test Sign In screen.

DRC main screen.


Feel free to contact your school tech team if you need further help.




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