Susan Black – Being Interviewed by Red Hat

Susan Black, sophomore at Penn Manor High School gets interviewed by popular company ‘Red Hat’. Is what some may say. But, the news paper doesn’t show you the interviewee’s side of the story. I was interviewed a little while ago about being the only girl in the student help desk. Of course, I was scared doing this interview because you have to say all the right things. I am thankful that they were only collecting footage and not having me live on a stream. It was honestly one of the most scariest things I’ve been through. The lights, cameras, and the microphone attached to my shirt. It was a lot better after because I talked to the crew and they were really cool. What some people don’t understand is that it’s scary to have cameras directed on you.  I felt honored to have this chance to be featured on a film, since only three people were allowed to be in it from the 1:1 Student Help Desk. Myself and two others, which were seniors. Now that I look back at my experience, I love that I was able observe and be in that environment. I got to meet new people with cool jobs, and give my opinion on certain aspects. My name is Susan Black, and I was the only girl in the 1:1 Help Desk for the 2014 – 2015 yeah.

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