How to Connect to a Home Printer

Need to print something at home? Does a teacher require you to print a homework assignment before you walk into school? Here is how to connect to a home printer (via USB)


Step 1: Simply connect the printer’s USB port into your laptop. Make sure your printer is turned on.



Step 2: Click on the laptop’s settings in the Dock.

System Settings

Step 2.1 (If Settings are not in your Dock, Click on the System’s Dashboard)

system Dash



Step 2.2 (Then search for “Settings”)

settings search


Step 3: Click on “Printers” under the Hardware section.



Step 4: Click on the “Add” button

add printer


Step 5: On the window that pops up you should see your printer’s name, model and brand. (If you don’t know your printer’s name, look around the printer device for an information sticker. Look for a name that matches the name that appears on the pop up window under devices).

select printer

Click on the name to highlight it if it’s a match then click on “Forward”


Let it Search for Drivers


Step 6: On the next pop-up window you’ll be given a list of Makes (printer brands/manufacturer). Click on the Make that produced your printer. If you don’t know the printer’s manufacturer look for it on the front or the back of the printer (ex: Dell, Canon, Sony, etc.).

choose driver

Then proceed with “Forward”


Step 7: The Set-up will give you a list of Model numbers. Click on the Recommended one.  

choose model

Then proceed with “Forward”


Step 8: On this pop-up you’re given the option to change the name of your printer so you can find it easier when it’s time print something. Type a name that is significant for you, such as “Home Printer”, or “Basement Printer”.

change name

Then click on “Apply”


Step 9: Another smaller window will come up asking to print a test page. You don’t have to print one, but it is strongly recommended to make sure you can actually print so you can know for sure that you’ll able to print from your computer.

test page

The computer will tell you that the Test page was submitted as job (#).

Then click “OK”


Step 10: Click “OK” again and then close out of any window that was previously opened.


And you’re done! Hopefully this helped.

If there are any further questions:

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You could come down to the Helpdesk.

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