How to Update Your Laptop

If your computer is running slow, won’t turn on properly, or not having all updated features, then you may need to update.  A common problem we have seen is that ubuntu is trying to get you to update through their update, but you actually have to update through the Penn Manor Updates. Watch the video below for further explanation or follow these quick steps:

  1. Click on your dash icon
  2. Type in: Updates
  3. Click on Penn Manor Updates (Two blue arrows in a circle)
  4. When it asks you to hit Y or N.  Y meaning yes or N meaning no. Type Y then hit enter
  5. Make sure to NOT close the lid of your laptop as it will mess up the update
  6. Make sure you are on a reliable wifi so it updates properly
  7. When it finishes it will say “All done. You can now close out this window”
  8. You have successfully completed the update; Restart your laptop after that.



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