Why You Should Stop Using VPNs

VPN extensions, or Virtual Private Networks, provide unfiltered access to all parts of the internet. They work by establishing a connection from a local device to a remote server that is maintained by the private company. Through this connection, all blocked services are able to be bypassed. For example, if you were a student at a high school with filtered internet access, you would be able to bypass that filter, and go to any website using a VPN. It sounds great, however, the topic of this article is why you should never use a VPN extension.

One reason why you should never use a VPN is because you have no idea where you are being connected to. Infact, some of the most popular VPNs use a peer-to-peer server system. With this system, you access the web through someone else’s internet, while someone else accesses the web through your internet. This could be bad for a multitude of reasons. For example, if someone was connected to your internet through the peer-to-peer system, they are technically you. Whatever they search comes back to your computer. If they were to search something illegal, or inappropriate, it would appear as if you searched that yourself. This could result in a messy legal process and possible fines.


Your data could be sent directly to an awaiting hacker

Adding onto the peer-to-peer system used by popular VPNs such as “Hola” and “Beternet”, most VPN companies sell their data. The data can include web history, profiles, and even account information. The VPN companies do not care what it is used for, and typically sell the data for around $10 per GB. The buyers are not disclosed, so anyone could buy your data, including a thief.




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