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Why Students Should Explore Minecraft

By Michael Stum Student Help Desk Apprentice  Are you a creative person who likes to play video games? Have you ever sat in school daydreaming about escaping into another dimension where you can create and explore? When you log on … Continue reading

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DDoS Basics

A Denial of Service attack (DoS) is a form of cyber attack intended to overload, disrupt, and temporarily disable one’s network or server. These attacks are done to provoke others and to disrupt a service. The ease of carrying out … Continue reading

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Home WiFi Not Connecting

If you have tried to connect to your home WiFi under the menu bar WiFi icon and it looks like it is connected, but you are unable to get out to websites, please watch this short video with the work around to get … Continue reading

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Libre Office- How to Save with a Different File Format

The student laptops have Libre Office and when saving work using Libre Office the default file extension is (.odt). If a teacher is requesting a specific file extension format for an assignment to be uploaded or sent to them such … Continue reading

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Open Source Games – Podcast 002

In this episode of the Penn Manor student help desk podcast, Colin and Isaac discuss two articles recent articles from top 5 open source games, and opportunities for students to get involved in programming. Show Links: Best Open Source … Continue reading

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Remix OS and CK-12 – Podcast 001

In the first PM student help desk podcast episode, the team talks RemixOS, an desktop version of Android. Plus, what are CK-12 open textbooks, and do they smell musty like paper textbooks? Show links: Remix OS CK-12  

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