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Playing media files on your 1:1 laptop

There are many ways to play media files on your 1:1 laptop. In addition to the system default music and video players, there are two other robust media players installed on the 1:1 computers – Clementine and VLC Media Player. … Continue reading

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Uploading LibreOffice documents to Google Drive

LibreOffice is the open source productivity suite, similar to Microsoft Office or Apple iWork, that is included on the 1:1 laptops. In some cases it may be necessary to export the documents that you created in the LibreOffice applications for … Continue reading

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Setting the default internet browser

There are two internet browsers included with the 1:1 systems: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The default browser is Google Chrome. You can set the default internet browser on your 1:1 laptop to your preference. To change the default browser … Continue reading

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Enabling additional language keyboard layouts

One question a few students have asked the 1:1 helpdesk is how to enable additional keyboard languages, such as Russian, on their 1:1 laptop for their foreign language courses. It is possible to add and change keyboards easily, as they … Continue reading

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Getting the most battery life out of your 1:1 laptop

Battery life was an important deciding factor when the 1:1 laptop hardware was chosen. Generally, your 1:1 laptop should get between 6-8 hours of battery life from a full charge. Here are some tips to get the most out of … Continue reading

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Backing up user documents and files

As with any computer, it is always in best practice to keep your files and folders backed up in at least one place, because you never know when your computer may crash or encounter hardware failure. The 1:1 laptops include … Continue reading

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Installing Applications with the Ubuntu Software Center

Although the 1:1 Laptop Project provides students with a wide selection of applications installed on their 1:1 laptop, there are thousands of other “apps” available to students to install on their system. Similar to the App Store found on Apple … Continue reading

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Connecting to the Student Network Share, Atlas

Many students choose to save their documents and projects from school network computers on their network home folder, which resides on the district file server, Atlas. By saving documents on their student network share, students can access their files and … Continue reading

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An introduction to the Launcher

By default, the 1:1 laptop’s launcher dock bar has nine icons. The launcher is fully user customizable, it is possible to easily add apps and folders to it and rearrange and remove icons to make it suit your liking. Read on for an overview … Continue reading

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Connecting to a wireless network

One of the key elements of the 1:1 program is that students will have the ability to use their 1:1 laptop outside of the school campus. Regarding this, it is crucial that students know how to connect their machines to … Continue reading

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