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RedNotebook is a planner/agenda that is pre-installed on our 1:1 laptops, internet is not needed to start this application. You can use this application to remember what you have planned for future events. You can begin RedNotebook by clicking on … Continue reading

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Attention Seniors! Transfer Google Drive files to a personal account!

Attention Seniors! You may want to keep files after you leave Penn Manor. You can use a flash drive for files on your computer, but Google Drive is different.  Be sure to transfer your files before they get removed from … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi Projects

Edited by: Spencer Creasy To learn about Raspberry Pi and see some other creations, listen to the link below by Sudo Chat! Podcast 011 – Easy as Pi Raspberry Pi is a $35 mini computer. They’re portable and can be … Continue reading

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Social Media Saves Lives?

Article By: Spencer Creasy and Susan Black Social media has proven to have negative and positive effects on one’s life. Negative implying threats, bullying, hackers, credit theft, etc. The positive side being that someone’s life is saved. After reading this … Continue reading

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Red Hat & The Student Help Desk

Written by: Susan Black Edited by: Spencer Creasy The Student Help Desk recently greeted Red Hat employees, Ruth Suehle and Tom Callaway, with excitement when the two visited Penn Manor High School on April 14, 2016. Suehle and Callaway traveled from … Continue reading

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Operation English Teachers

What started out as a “goodbye” led to an investigation on the English teachers of Penn Manor High School. Operation English Teachers is an investigation between three teachers, to see how technology has affected their students learning. The three teachers … Continue reading

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Toyota – Project Blaid

Toyota has launched a new design to help the visually impaired ‘see’ the world around them without actually seeing. When you’re visually impaired, your sense of touch, hearing, and smell are heightened because the sight is lost. This device is … Continue reading

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VPN Reminder

Article Published and Edited by Susan Black and Spencer Creasy Students are installing VPN’s on their laptop to access blocked sites in and out of school. VPN’s are not only against the schools laptop policy, but they are dangerous. VPN’s, also … Continue reading

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Tips and Purposes of Smart Watches

Click this link to read ‘Smart Watch Comparisons’ by Spencer Creasy. Smart Watch Comparisons Whether it’s an Apple, Android or Samsung, smartwatches are growing to be a popular device in the world of technology. Smartwatches are worn on the wrist, … Continue reading

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WordCamp Lancaster Announcement

Wordcamp Lancaster is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is a event where speakers come and talk about different forms of technology and the advances technology has done for mankind. This event is open to everyone, and is a 100% non- … Continue reading

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