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Podcast|Hacker Awards|Black Hat USA|Billion Dollar Hacker Gang|

This podcast has a main focal point of security and how it works what you can do to protect yourself and how the experts are doing. We can go and check on them together! **NOTICE** I will have artwork and … Continue reading

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DDoS Basics

A Denial of Service attack (DoS) is a form of cyber attack intended to overload, disrupt, and temporarily disable one’s network or server. These attacks are done to provoke others and to disrupt a service. The ease of carrying out … Continue reading

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What was Dirty COW?

If you’ve been keeping up with recent tech news, you might have heard of an exploit called “Dirty COW.” In this article, I will talk about what Dirty COW is, how to fix it, and what to take away from … Continue reading

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Why Online Privacy Matters Even If You Have “Nothing to Hide”

   Online privacy has become a very controversial subject in these tumultuous times. Opposing views about privacy and security have clashed, but a talking point that is often brought up is that privacy should not be important to you if … Continue reading

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Killer USB Flash Drives

If you find a flash drive at school or work what would you do? Plug it in or throw it away? Most likely if you find a flash drive you will probably plug it into a computer to see what is on … Continue reading

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VPN Reminder

Article Published and Edited by Susan Black and Spencer Creasy Students are installing VPN’s on their laptop to access blocked sites in and out of school. VPN’s are not only against the schools laptop policy, but they are dangerous. VPN’s, also … Continue reading

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Why You Should Stop Using VPNs

VPN extensions, or Virtual Private Networks, provide unfiltered access to all parts of the internet. They work by establishing a connection from a local device to a remote server that is maintained by the private company. Through this connection, all … Continue reading

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