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Net Neutrality Part 2

If you have not read ‘Part 1’, click this link: Modern Era society, politics, and economics revolve around the internet. Internet Service Providers, or ISPs are businesses who provide their customers with access to the internet.This puts a lot of … Continue reading

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How to send a ticket to the Help Desk

Simple questions that aren’t worth the walk to the tech room, can be sent in via ticket! Student helpers will reply to the tickets you send. Those tickets can be simple questions about your laptop, or questions about programs on … Continue reading

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Android Vs iOS – A comparison of open and closed source

Android (Google) is an Open Source Operating System and iOS (Apple) is a Closed Source Operating System.  Many users believe Apple Devices more user friendly because of the simple design of the operating system layout and that Android devices are … Continue reading

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What is the FCC

The Federal Communications commission or the FCC regulate the interstate and international communications of the United States and its territories. This includes radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable communications. The FCC is an independently run government agency that is overseen … Continue reading

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What is Net Neutrality?

What is Net Neutrality?  (Part 1) Net Neutrality is the idea that Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, should provide their customers with equal access to all legal content on the internet. This is exactly what you would expect from your ISP. … Continue reading

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About the PMHS 1:1 Laptop Project

The 1:1 laptop project provides full-time Penn Manor High School students with a district supplied laptop computer to use at both home and school. This project pairs low-cost, durable PC laptops and free open source software to enable students in … Continue reading

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