Please read…

I wanted to let you know a few things.

1.  Yearbook information can be found on the Hambright blog.
2. Report cards will be printed and mailed to your home.  You will also be able to view them through Sapphire.  The 6th grade teacher assignment will be in the report card comments.
3. Our last class meeting is tomorrow at 2:00.  First, I plan to show the Virtual video, which will contain the biographical information you (your student) submitted, pictures from the year, and the Class Awards that your classmates chose for you.  Then I  plan to present each student with a personal award from me.  I will also mail a copy of the award to you. Finally, I will tell you who will be in your class next year.

 I would love to meet with all of Team Martin!


I am working on a Video Yearbook and need your help.  Please go on to our Team Martin Homeroom Google Classroom and complete both of the forms.  This information will be included in the virtual yearbook, and I would love to have a submission from everyone.  

Please complete and turn in these forms by Wednesday, May 20th.

Ready, Set, Run!

Hello Hambright families! This Thursday, May 14th is our Virtual Race for Education!

Please join us by walking or running laps in your back yard, around your house, or block. Then send us photos of you in action and/or of you holding a sign with the number of laps completed to

Don’t forget to wear Penn Manor colors or Hambright t-shirts!

Thank you!

Jamie Gerlach and Shannon Hanna, race coordinators