Celebrating our Veterans

A paper copy of this will be sent home. However, if it is easier to email the information let me know.

Dear 5th grade families:

     On November 11th, we would like to honor our Veterans.  If you or a relative would be interested and available to come in at 8:15 AM on Thursday morning, please complete the form below.  

     Our plan is to have a light breakfast for the Veterans and then have them speak to the students about the importance of serving our country. We would love for them to share the different ways they’ve served and where they were stationed.  We would also like the students to understand the ways they are able to serve our country now and in the future.

     If you know someone who is on active duty in the Armed Forces or a veteran who is not able to come in on Thursday the 11th, we would like to make a card to send to him/her.

Thank you,

The 5th grade teachers

Please return this form to Mrs. Martin by Thursday, November 4th .

**This veteran would be able to come in on the 11th for breakfast at 8:15 AM and speak to the students.

Name ______________________            Contact preference____________________

Branch:_____________________    Address: ___________________________

Rank: ______________________         ___________________________

**This veteran is not on active duty and cannot come in but would love to receive a card of recognition and thanks.

Name:  ____________________________         Branch:_____________________

Address:  __________________________     Rank: ______________________


**This person is on active duty and would love to receive a card of recognition and thanks.

Name:  ____________________________         Branch:_______________________

Address:  __________________________     Rank: _________________________


We feel this recognition is just a small way for us to say “thank you” and show our appreciation for all that they’ve done or are doing!

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