Monthly Archives: December 2014

Polar Express

In our reading anthology we are working on the focus skill of comparing and contrasting.  As a culminating activity we are going to be comparing and contrasting the book Polar Express to the movie.  We will be watching the movie on Tuesday, December 23 (which is also an early dismissal).

We told the students today that they may bring in snacks to share with the rest of the fifth grade during the movie, but we made sure that the students understood that this is completely voluntary!  We know that this is a busy time of year for everyone, so we do not want to add anything on to your growing to-do list.  If you choose to send something in, snacks such as pretzels, chips, cookies, etc. can be sent in starting on Monday.  Mrs. Falk and Mrs. Eckroat will provide drinks.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Eckroat or Mrs. Falk.



Energy Book Due Date Changed

Because of my absence yesterday, I am changing the due date for the Energy book from Monday to Tuesday.   Today will still be the last day of class time that the students will be given to work on the project.  What is not completed today will need to be finished at home before Tuesday.

Please let me know if you have any questions.   Thank you!  Mrs. Eckroat

Energy Project Due Monday

The students are finishing the unit on Energy this week by completing an energy book on the six types of renewable energy and the three types of nonrenewable energy.  The students started the book last week and will be continuing to work on the project this week in class.

The final book is due on Monday, December 8.  The students understand that what is not completed in class by the end of the day on Friday will be for homework over the weekend.  The energy book project will be graded on accuracy, completeness, neatness, and spelling/punctuation, and it will be in place of a formal test on the energy unit.

Please email Mrs. Eckroat if you have any questions about this project.