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Social Studies Websites

We have used two websites in the past two weeks in social studies that the students have been very excited by and interested in exploring further!  One of the sites is an interactive game about the colony of Jamestown and John Smith.  The second website has to do with the “Star Spangled Banner” which celebrated its 201st anniversary last week!

The links to each website are located under the “Social Studies” tab on our fifth grade blog.  They are located below as well.

On the Trail of Captain John Smith

Star-Spangled Banner


“Rope Burn” Treehouses

This past week, both fifth grade classes read the story “Rope Burn” during whole group reading.  The story is about a boy, Richard, who overcomes his fear of climbing the rope in gym class with the help of his new friend, James.   James helps Richard by using the rope on his tree house.  In addition to discussing the numerous lessons that Richard learned during this story, the students also discussed the focus skill of conflict and resolution as part of the plot.

The fifth grade culminated this story by creating their own imaginative tree houses.  The students had to not only build their own tree house, but also write about how their house related to the one from the story.

We have 46 VERY creative fifth grade students!

IMG_6552     IMG_6554     IMG_6558     IMG_6565     IMG_6567     IMG_6586     IMG_6585     IMG_6583     IMG_6584     IMG_6592

This Week at Conestoga

This Thursday, September 17 from 4:30-6:30 will be the Conestoga Elementary School “Meet the Teacher” night.  Mrs. Falk and Mrs. Eckroat hope to see you there!  The classrooms will be open during this time for you to see your child’s room, meet the teachers, and learn what your child has been doing during the first month of school!

We also wanted to remind you that this Friday, September 18 will be a 1:30 early dismissal for all elementary and high school students in the district.

Scissor Salsa Celebration

This past Thursday, the fifth grade students made “Scissor Salsa” with ingredients from the Conestoga garden!  On Wednesday, the fifth grade harvested peppers, a variety of tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and parsley from the garden. Students from Mrs. Falk’s class were nice enough to volunteer to wash and divide the vegetables as well.

On Thursday afternoon, assigned groups were given the necessary ingredients they needed, and they used scissors to cut their ingredients and make delicious, homegrown salsa.  The cafeteria smelled wonderful, and the students had a fabulous time enjoying their creations from the garden.

IMG_6506        IMG_6541        IMG_6534 (1)      IMG_6535       IMG_6538           IMG_6540