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Kindergarten Friends

Over the past two weeks, the fifth graders had the opportunity to help the kindergartners in Mrs. Drexel’s class with a pumpkin activity.  Mrs. Drexel is the kindergarten teacher from Pequea Elementary School, and her classroom is located at Conestoga this year because of Pequea’s renovation project.

Everyone had fun, and it was a wonderful opportunity for the fifth graders to be positive role models for younger students.   We are hoping to be able to continue to help Mrs. Drexel’s class throughout the year with more special projects!

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First in Math

The fifth graders were introduced to the “First in Math” website today during content.  During the rest of the week, the students will continue to work with the website in order to learn what they can practice in the different sections.  This is a high-interest website for the students because they can earn “stickers” during each activity.  These stickers add up for them individually and for their class.

There is a “First in Math” link on our blog under the Math heading.  The students have their username and password inside their planners/assignment books.  We are encouraging the students to work with this website outside of school, but it is not required.

So far, the students have enjoyed getting to know this website, and it provides excellent practice and enrichment for the fifth grade students!

First in Math