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Landis Valley’s Traveling Trunk

This past Thursday, the Landis Valley Farm Museum came to Conestoga to present its “Traveling Trunk” presentation to the fifth grade class.  There were six different stations that the students rotated through – archaeology, wool combing, quill penmanship, scherenschnitte (paper cutting), weaving, and fire starting.  The students had the opportunity for hands-on learning that incorporated the curriculum from the thirteen colony unit in social studies.  A HUGE thank you to the PTO for sponsoring this event for the fifth grade!

Your child should have brought home his/her scherenschnitte creation, penmanship sample, and a sample of the wool combing on!  It was an interesting and fun-filled afternoon!


IMG_7255    IMG_7242


Wool Combing

IMG_7249     IMG_7250


Quill Penmanship




IMG_7251    IMG_7265



IMG_7256     IMG_7244   IMG_7245


Fire Starting  

IMG_7247       IMG_7254


Ag in the Classroom

Fifth grade had the opportunity to participate in Ag in the Classroom yesterday during content class.   They used the scientific process to answer the question, “Which is stronger, soybeans or plaster of Paris?”  The students started the experiment yesterday and then concluded the experiment today in content making final observations and writing their conclusion.

Ask your kiddos what they concluded about the strength of soybeans versus plaster of Paris…it may surprise you!

IMG_7184     IMG_7185    IMG_7191

IMG_7192      IMG_7193