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Heroes Fair Info – IMPORTANT!

The fifth graders will be receiving a paper today with all of the due dates and information on it concerning the Heroes Fair. ¬† They should be bringing it home ūüėČ

Here is the information:

Thursday, April 28 – a picture of personal hero due

Friday, May 6 – research should be completed on historic hero

Tuesday, May 10 Рtri-fold needs to be at school (it will be completed in school).   Tri-folds can be purchased at various places.  The Dollar Store usually has them, and they work well.   We have a few at school that can be purchased for $2.00.  They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Tuesday, May 10-Friday, May 13 Рconstructing book and tri-fold in school.  If not completed by the 13th, will need to complete what is not finished over the weekend.

Tuesday, May 17 – costume for historic hero is due to school (fifth grade has a few costumes at school depending on the hero)

Thursday, May 19 – dress rehearsal in school

Friday, May 20 – HEROES FAIR! ¬† Because of our schedule and gym availability, we will have two sessions for family and friends to attend…..

9:30 am Р10:00 am    and    1:00 pm Р1:30 pm


As always, please let Mrs. Falk or Mrs. Eckroat know if you have any questions concerning the Heroes Fair.


Fifth Grade Heroes Fair

The fifth grade Heroes Fair will be coming up on Friday, May 20.   There will be more information coming home with the students this week concerning what is required, various due dates, and the times for the Heroes Fair.

Each student is required to:

  1.  Create a book of information about their hero (research will be done in school)
  2.  Create a trifold backdrop about the hero (trifolds can be purchased at the Dollar Store)
  3.  Dress like the hero
  4.  Have a personal hero (someone they know and admire)


Our students were “glowing” last week!

We finished the English Language Arts PSSA tests last week with students who were “mint” to do well and were “glowing” throughout the tests. ¬† Our fifth graders worked so hard on the tests, and we are so proud of them!

IMG_7793      IMG_7794

Today, as we begin the Math PSSA testing, we are reminding the students that checking their work can be a “lifesaver”!


Two Reminders for Monday, April 4 – updated

One more thing for tomorrow (Monday, April 4)…we will be having “Fun Friday” tomorrow…students may bring games in from home to play with their classmates. ¬†

1. ¬†Don’t forget that the two-week moon phase charts are due tomorrow. ¬†The students talked in content about the fact that the moon has been coming out later this week because it is in the waning phase. ¬†Because of this, they can view it in the morning and chart it for the night before. ¬†If there are missing nights because they couldn’t observe it, I will not count this against them. ¬†However, with the internet, they can certainly go the extra step to research those nights and record it on their charts. ¬†Mrs. Eckroat will be very impressed by their extra effort to thoroughly complete their assignment ūüôā

2. ¬†We have still not been given the “all clear” to drink the water at Conestoga. ¬†Although the school is providing water bottles, we are down to the smaller size. ¬†We still encourage the students to bring their own filled water bottle from home so they have sufficient water for the day, but there will be smaller water bottles available, if needed.