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“The Scarebird”

On Friday, October 7, the fifth graders culminated a lesson in reading by making their own scarecrows.  The students read the story “The Scarebird” by Sid Fleischman during E/I time discussing the key ideas, vocabulary, and theme of the story in small groups.  The fifth graders also worked with the reading skills of conflict/resolution and character motives in order to understand the story on a deeper level.

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A Few Reminders for Next Week

Ask your kiddos tonight about the Marticville pep rally that we were a part of today!  We all had a great time!

A few reminders for next week:

  1.  Box Tops are due Wednesday
  2. Game night is Thursday at Pequea Elementary – a paper is coming home with more information
  3. Recess Running Club is starting Tuesday.  There is a “Turkey Trot” theme this year.
  4.  Parent Conference forms are coming home.  Please sign and return the bottom portion as soon as possible.  Just a reminder that all morning conferences will take place at Marticville, all Wednesday afternoon conferences will take place at Marticville, and all Thursday afternoon and evening conferences will take place at Pequea Elementary.

Morning Band Practice is Starting!

Just a reminder that 5th and 6th grade band is starting tomorrow morning at 8:00 am.  Miss Almoney spoke to the band students at their lessons last week, and there will also be a schedule coming home with your child today if they are participating in band.  Band will fall on the same days as the student lessons, so it should be easy to remember 😉

Look for the schedule in your child’s homework folder!


Spirit Week at Marticville

Marticville Middle School has invited the fifth and sixth graders to participate in their spirit week this week!  Today was twin day which some of the students participated in with a buddy.  The schedule for the remaining three days is below.  We hope that the kiddos will have fun participating.

We have also been invited to participate in the pep rally on Friday afternoon as well.  What a great way for the Conestoga students to feel a part of this amazing school environment!

Wednesday – Wacky Wednesday (dressing is crazy clothes)

Thursday – Throwback Thursday (dressing in clothes from a past decade)

Friday – Jersey Day (wearing a Penn Manor jersey or Penn Manor colors)

Scarecrow Creations

Last week we spoke to the students about a story and project we will be completing during our Enrichment/Intervention time this week.   We will be reading a story entitled “The Scarebird” about a man who befriends the scarecrow on his farm, and we will be discussing the focus skills we have been concentrating on during reading – conflict/resolution and character motives.

This Friday, as a culminating activity, the students will be creating their own scarecrow on a large piece of construction paper to use their own creativity as well as some of the characteristics from the story.  We have been discussing with the students that they may bring supplies in from home to help “dress” the scarecrow.  Twigs, fabric, straw, cuttings from an old pair of jeans, etc. can be brought in to add to the scarecrow.  The items brought in need to be easily attached to the background with school glue.

This has been on our assignment boards since last week, and we have been reminding the students each day about the culminating activity on Friday.  If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact either Mrs. Eckroat or Mrs. Falk.

We are looking forward to seeing the creativity of each student shine through their creation!