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PSSAs are O-“Fish”-ally Over (and other announcments)

Fifth grade is o-“fish”-ally done with testing!  We are so proud of our fifth graders and how hard they have worked during both the ELA and Math PSSA testing.  We are taking today to celebrate our kiddos!

Some other reminders for the remainder of fifth grade…

May 3 – Conestoga sub order and money due

May 5 – Millersville University Tech Day – MU tech department students are coming to fifth grade to provide a fun and educational morning. Watch for pictures on the blog next Friday!

May 10 – Olympic Day for fifth and sixth grade

May 12 – Heroes Fair and 1:30 early dismissal

May 17 – Sub order pick-up at Pequea (5-7 pm)

May 26 – School now in session (snow make-up day)

May 29 – No School

June 1 – All School field trip to Lancaster County Park

June 7 – Last Day of School

PSSA Math Testing Starts Tomorrow

The math testing will begin tomorrow for the Conestoga fifth grade.  The students will be testing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week.  As with the PSSA reading tests, the students’ homework this week is to get outside and play after school, get a good night’s sleep, and have a great breakfast each morning…..and most importantly, come to school with a great attitude!

The students may bring a small snack to have after testing each day as well.

Also, just a reminder that we will be working on the fifth grade inventions during the afternoons of testing.  If students forgot their invention supplies today, they have until tomorrow to bring things in.


Heroes Fair Changes and Due Dates

Heroes Fair Due Dates and Changes

(the students will be given time during school to work, but they may also be working at home)


Friday, April 28 – all research should be completed and rough draft of each slide completed.


Friday, May 5    – GoogleDocs presentation completed and ready to be shared with teacher.


Friday, May 12  – Heroes Fair….NOW from 9:30-10:15 am


*Time has changed because of a conflict with the fourth grade Wax Museum at 10:30

*Students will be set up in stations similar to the wax museum where family and friends can circulate around between both classes.


Please direct any questions about the above information to Mrs. Eckroat or Mrs. Fafel.

The “Invention Convention”

Tomorrow in reading class we will be reading and performing a readers’ theater entitled “The Invention Convention”.   The students will then be brainstorming an invention of their own that can make their life or the life of someone else easier.   We would like the students to look around the house this weekend for shoe boxes, cereal boxes, empty soda bottles, etc that they can use to create a model of their invention in school next week.  We will be giving the students time in class to create their inventions, so please do not help them make their inventions at home.

Next Friday, the fifth graders will be presenting their creative and innovative inventions to their classmates!


Heroes Fair Reminders

We have realized that the fourth grade wax museum has been scheduled for Friday, May 12 at the same time as our fifth grade heroes fair.  We are working with the fourth grade teachers to figure out a solution so that parents of both fourth and fifth graders can be at both events.  We will keep you updated!

We also wanted to remind you that your child’s PERSONAL hero picture is due tomorrow.  If your child would like to use a picture of their personal hero that you have on your computer, please email it to Mrs. Eckroat to print out.  If the picture is one that you do not want glued on the personal hero star, the original picture can be sent in to school and we will make a color copy of it before sending the original picture back home with your child.

If you have any questions, please direct these to Mrs. Eckroat (