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Reminders for Lanc. Co. Park Field Trip

Tomorrow the entire Conestoga Elementary will be heading to the Lancaster County Park for a wonderful day thanks to our PTO!   The fifth graders will be leaving Marticville Middle School at 11:30 am to travel to the park for the afternoon.

Please help your child remember the following things:

*wear sneakers

*bring sunscreen and/or a hat

*packed lunch (if marked on permission slip).  Lunches may be packed in a reusable container.


We will be returning to Marticville in time for dismissal, so you do not need to make any special arrangements to have your child picked up.

We are looking forward to a great afternoon!

Fifth Grade Heroes Fair

On Friday, May 12, the fifth graders presented their Heroes Fair to their family and friends.  The Heroes Fair changed this year with the switch to a GoogleDocs slide presentation instead of the students creating a book.   The fifth graders did a great job with this change!

Mrs. Eckroat and Mrs. Fafel are very proud of all of the students for the hard work and time they invested in their projects.




After much consideration, we wanted to pass along the following information about fidgets and fidget spinners during classroom instruction in fifth grade at Conestoga:

~ If the student has a fidget, it is being kept in his/her lap, and he/she is able to focus on the classroom instruction or activity, we are absolutely fine with the student using a fidget.

~ If, however, the fidget is spinning on the desk, distracting the student’s attention or the attention of someone nearby, or is being used as a toy during instruction or an activity, the fidget will be taken and returned to the student on Wednesday, June 7 (the last day of school).


We have given the fifth graders a few warnings concerning fidgets and fidget spinners.  Some students have been very cooperative, and we greatly appreciate this.  However, some students are having a very hard time concentrating during class if they have a fidget.  We want to make sure that all of our students are able to concentrate, learn, and have a great last three weeks of school!

Thank you for your support with this matter.


Millersville University Technology Visit

On Friday, May 5, the Millersville University technology education department presented a lesson on potential and kinetic energy to our fifth graders.  The students used this knowledge to create their own wind powered cars with the limited supplies that were provided to them, and the activity culminated with a race to see which fifth grader had the fastest car!  In addition to this morning long activity being both educational and fun for our students, it provided the Millersville University students with experience teaching in front of a class of students and planning educational activities.

                       Click on the following link to see one of the races! IMG_9963

Fifth Grade Invention Convention

This past Friday, we had our Invention Convention in fifth grade. Wow, what a creative group of young people!  Their challenge was to come up with an invention that will solve an every day problem, and they really came up with some great ideas!  Here are just a few pictures from our inventive week last week.