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Tree Houses!

The fifth graders had a great time on Friday creating model tree houses based off of the story “Rope Burn”!  They all used their creativity when it came to what supplies they used from home and school.  Here is just a sampling of some of the houses that could be found in fifth grade…

Brown Bag Items

Just a reminder that the fifth graders’ brown bag items are due Monday, September 18.  The information about this was sent home this past Monday.  Each student was given a brown lunch bag….they are asked to put three small items in the bag that describes them.  We will share the items next week and do a writing piece on how these items represent them.

In addition, the fifth graders are having a great time today using their creative minds to create amazing models of tree houses.  We will be sure to share pictures of some of the creations in the next few days.  Look for your child’s amazing creation to be coming home with them today!

Fifth Grade Announcements

*Just a reminder that Conestoga will not be having a Meet the Teacher night this coming Thursday, September 14.  Because we did a “sneak a peak” before school started, we are not doing Meet the Teacher.

The following day, Friday, September 15, will be an elementary early dismissal at 1:30.  Because of the modified schedule, we are going to be doing a special activity that goes along with a story we just read during reading called “Rope Burn”. This story is about a boy who learns to climb a rope with the help from a friend who has a tree house.  We discussed narrative story structure and how conflict and resolution add interest to the story through the plot events and the climax.

During school that day, all the students will be able to create their own smaller version of a tree house.  Today in reading, Mrs. Eckroat talked to the students about the supplies that can be brought in for the students to use to make their tree houses.

Please have your child look for supplies around the house that he/she can use to create this tree house…..shoe boxes, cereal boxes, popsicle sticks, etc….have them get creative!  They can bring craft or wood glue into school as well.  Please keep in mind that this should be a tree house that can be created in about an hour 🙂

We do not want students feeling that they need to buy things for this tree house, and we do not want them making the tree house at home.   It will be a morning of creativity and fun in fifth grade!

Students may begin bringing their supplies into school starting on Monday.  Any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Eckroat or Mrs. Falk.