Monthly Archives: January 2018

New Special Schedule!

The second semester starts Wednesday, January 17 when the students return from their long weekend.  It will be a Day B.  Please refer to the front of your child’s homework folder for the second semester special schedule.  It is also provided below……

Mrs. Eckroat

Day A: Phys. Ed

Day B: Art

Day C: Tech

Day D: Music


Mrs. Falk

Day A:  Art

Day B: Phys. Ed

Day C: Music

Day D: Tech


Martin Luther King Weekend

Just a reminder….

Because of the snow days last week, we are now having school this Friday, January 12.  The day off is now being moved to Tuesday, January 16.  This means that the students will still have a four-day weekend, but it will be Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this change.  Thanks all!  Who is glad for the arrival of slightly warmer weather!?!