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Hula Hoops in Reading!

The fifth graders used hula hoops this past week to create triple venn diagrams on a variety of topics.  The reading classes are discussing how authors have different points of views and perspectives on the same topics.  Each group was given a general topic they needed to write about on their own.  The students then came together with their fellow group members to determine what their similarities and differences were in their groups.  They did a great job organizing their ideas into a hula hoop venn diagram!

Math and Language Arts Challenge

The fifth graders were enrolled and given usernames and passwords yesterday to a website called  This is an opportunity for the students to practice fifth grade math and language arts concepts in a fun way before the PSSA testing in April.

We are encouraging the students to spend 20 minutes a day practicing math and reading.  With the snowy weather outside, we can already see that students have been on last night and today practicing their skills!  The fifth grade has already completed 1069 questions and has made progress in 37 different fifth grade skills.  We are excited about this program because we can go into each student’s account to see how they are doing, what they are completing, and what they may need extra help with in order to better understand the concept.

Way to go, fifth graders!  We are proud of you!

Upcoming Revolutionary War Test

Just a heads up that all of the fifth grade students now have a completed study guide for the test on the Revolutionary War unit.  The test for Mrs. Eckroat’s class will be Monday, March 19.  The test for Mrs. Falk’s class will be Tuesday, March 20.

I have encouraged the students to study on their own, study with someone on the bus, and study at home.  The fifth graders have a good grasp of the material at this point, so any extra studying they can do at home will only benefit them on the test next week.

Any questions, feel free to touch base with me.  Thanks so much!  Mrs. Eckroat

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Conestoga Chorus Dates

Hi All!

The snow days during the last few weeks have affected the Conestoga chorus practice dates.  The next day for Conestoga chorus is this Thursday, March 15.  Chorus meets every day C, so the next practice after Thursday will be Wednesday, March 21 and so on.  Your kiddos are experts on cycle days, so you can have them remind you when their next chorus practice will be!  Miss Brennan has a reminder board outside the music room as well.

Hopefully, we have seen the last of the snow, and the chorus practice dates will not change anymore!