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Reminders for this week

There are a lot of things going on at Conestoga and in fifth grade this week!  Here are a few reminders…

  1. Tomorrow (Monday) is Olympic Day…please remind your child to wear the shirt color he/she was assigned.  Students should wear sunscreen, and they may bring a hat and sunglasses.
  2. Please remind your child to bring in a 2-liter bottle for Applied Engineering so he/she can make a bottle rocket.  If you have extra 2-liter bottles, we would greatly appreciate you sending them in.
  3. Permission slips and $5 is due by this Friday, May 4 in order to go to the fifth grade field trip on May 25.
  4.  For the Heroes Fair, the Google Slide presentations are due by this Friday.  The students  have been working extremely hard during our E/I and writing times on their projects.  We are really looking forward to the fifth grade sharing their projects at the Heroes Fair on May 10.
  5. Students should be working on their costumes for the Heroes Fair at home.  They are due to school on Monday, May 7.  Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher if your child needs help with the costume.

Field Trip Permission Slips and Money

Just a reminder that the permission slips (one white paper and one yellow paper) AND $5 are due by next Friday, May 4 in order for your child to attend the fifth grade field trip on Friday, May 25.  Many students have already sent the papers and money into school….thank you!   For those students who have not returned this paperwork and money, we just wanted to remind you that you have two more weeks.

Thanks so much!  Please let your classroom teacher know if you have any questions.

Water Bottle Rockets

Fifth grade will be making water bottle rockets in Applied Engineering in the next few weeks.  Mr. Wolfe sent home a reminder today with students about bringing in an empty 1-liter or 2-liter bottle for this project.  Mr. Wolfe will have a box in his classroom where the students can keep their bottles until the project begins.  Extra bottles would be greatly appreciated as well!


Conestoga Garden

The fifth graders had the opportunity to get their hands dirty last week and start planting the new Conestoga Elementary garden.  In addition to getting outside and enjoying some sunshine, the students prepared beds, planted Swiss chard and carrots, and watered what they planted.  We are all looking forward to enjoying what our garden produces at the end of this school year!

Invention Convention

The fifth grade read a readers theater this week entitled “The Invention Convention”.  We talked about what everyday problems the students would like to solve for themselves or make easier.  Tomorrow and Thursday, the students will be given time to invent something that makes their life easier (for example, an alarm clock that makes their breakfast for them or a robot that cleans up after the dog so they don’t have to!).

Students can bring in materials from  home in order to create their prototype.   Empty cereal boxes, shoe boxes, toilet paper rolls, etc are all great materials.  The students were informed about this fun project on Monday, so hopefully they have been scouring (a vocab word!) the house looking for things they can use to be creative with this project.

On Friday, the students will have a small “invention convention” where they will be able to share their inventions with the other fifth graders and then bring their inventions home to share with you!

Heroes Fair Information

The fifth grade met this afternoon as a grade and went over the Heroes Fair requirements and what is to be expected with the project.  Each student received a requirement sheet that is to be signed and returned this week by both the student and the parent (Just the bottom needs to be returned…please keep the top part for your information).

This coming Monday is the first due date…..both the tri-fold and a picture of the student’s personal hero are due.

As always, please feel free to reach out to either Mrs. Eckroat or Mrs. Falk with any questions about what is required for this fifth grade project.

Heroes Fair Tri-fold due April 16


Just a reminder that each student needs to bring a tri-fold to school by April 16 for the Heroes Fair.  The students will be decorating and assembling the needed information for the tri-fold in school.

Tri-folds can be purchased at the Dollar Store, Staples, Office Max, Walmart, etc.  With many school districts in the middle of “science fair season”, many stores are running low on tri-folds, so this weekend may be a good time to grab one!

Once purchased, they can be brought into school, and Mrs. Falk and Mrs. Eckroat will keep them safe in the classrooms until they are ready to be assembled.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this.  Much more information will be coming home next week about the Heroes Fair which will take place on Thursday, May 10.