Monthly Archives: May 2018

Fifth Grade Heroes Fair

On Thursday, May 10, the fifth graders presented their Heroes Fair to Conestoga, family, and friends.  After working extremely hard on their presentations, tri-folds, costumes, and personal hero stars, the fifth graders had the opportunity to display their hard work.  Thank you to all of you who were able to join us on that day!

Millersville University Technology

The Millersville University Technology Education students came into the fifth grade classrooms on Friday, April 27 for an all morning technology activity in both classrooms.  Mrs. Falk’s class worked with circuits and how they work.  They also had a chance to make their own flashlights they could take home.  In Mrs. Eckroat’s class, the students designed, “bought” materials, and constructed their own balloon-powered cars in order to watch kinetic and potential energy come to life.

Both classes enjoyed working with the college students while learning hands-on science concepts!