Intermediate Parents’ Night Tonight! Side Doors Open at 5:45!


Intermediate Summer Fun and Games 050217

Please join us tonight as we look at some board & card games and activities to boost 21st Century Learning: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking.


                              Central Manor Elementary School

                     Intermediate (Grades 3 – 6) Parents’ Night:

Summer Fun and Games

                                      Monday, May 22, 2017


Doors will open at 5:45. We will begin the first session promptly at 6:00.

Please enter through the side “student car rider drop off/pick-up doors”.

Title I Conference at IU 13 3/31/15


Mrs. Amy Wall, Mrs. Theresa Nimo, Mrs. Nancy Jo Johnson and I presented “Nonfiction Text Structures” at IU13 today. We were thrilled to speak with many parents and peers about the importance of reading non-fiction texts to and with children. We also spoke with parents about how to use items at home to increase vocabulary that will help with reading comprehension and non-fiction texts. For example, we had candy that they could compare and contrast: How are they alike (the same) (compare)? How are they different (contrast)? We also used this candy to talk about “Description Words” and “Descriptive Texts”. What does it:   – look like     -smell like     -taste like     -feel like     -sound like ???

Sequence can be discussed with daily routines. For example, at dinner time, tell your children: first, put the plates on the table; second, put the plates out; third, put a napkin at each place. Learning words that talk about order is very important to help make sense of our world and how we do things. Do this when making a sandwich and talk about the order that you use.

Cause and Effect can be talked about in many every-day situations. “It’s raining out today. What is one thing that might happen because it is raining?” They might say that it means we have to stay inside to play (the effect of the rain outside) or that this will help the spring flowers grow.

Problem/Solution: This one comes up at school on a daily basis. Let me set the stage: When students come to my room, I have three containers with sharpened pencils in them as well as erasers on my table in front of them. Students often say to me,”I don’t have a pencil.” I will smile at them and respond by saying, “How might you solve that problem?” They look at the pencils in the container, smile back and take one. Help them to think through the problem and generate solutions for their problems.

Talking with your children is critical for vocabulary development and listening comprehension. Which will, in turn, help reading comprehension.

Great day at IU13 today! Thanks to Amy, Nancy Jo and Theresa for great teamwork! Go Penn Manor!


Happy Weekend!

If you happen to be checking out my blog this weekend, well, let me explain! I am still learning about blogging so this is a work in progress. I will be adding and changing items throughout this weekend! I hope you stop in again after Tuesday when some of the more stable pages should be done! Then, I hope to update for each cycle.  Thanks for checking in…see you again soon, I hope!


What a pleasure it was to meet with parents this week! I have felt so welcome by the staff, students and parents here at Conestoga and would like to thank you all for a great beginning of the school year! I am looking forward to a wonderful year here!