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Valentines Day Exchange

heart-made-of-hearts at Hurley Library

Hello 5th grade families! This year, we are still planning to exchange Valentines Day cards/treats (within each classroom). However, due to COVID-19- we have a few *new* “rules” that go along with it. Please read below:

  1. Valentines must be in school by Wednesday, 2/10
  2. If there is a treat, it must be store wrapped (lollipops, etc).  No homemade treats.
  3. Delivery into bags on Friday, 2/12 end of day.
  4.  Sanitize hands or wash hands before delivery.
  5. Open valentines: either end of day or at home
  6. **If a Valentine would come in late (or on the “day of” 2/12 – it would have to sit over the weekend**)

Please email homeroom teachers if you have any questions!

Water Bottles

What's Wrong With Bottled Water | Earth 911

Hello 5th grade families!

As you probably know already, our water fountains have been off limits due to Covid -19 since the beginning of the school year. The school has been providing students with small 8 oz. plastic water bottles in place of the closed fountains. Recently, CM installed refillable water stations that students now have access to. The 8oz water bottles will no longer be offered. Many students already bring in their own water bottles, which is great! They can now refill them when needed using the water stations. For the students who have been utilizing the 8oz plastic water bottles, we ask that they start bringing in a water bottle from home (a standard size water bottle will work) so they have access to drinking water throughout the day. If this is something that cannot be provided, please email your child’s teacher directly.

Thanks so much! We hope everyone is having a great start to 2021!