Schedules (In School/Online)

Class Schedule - 5 Eisnor Website

In School- Here is your child’s schedule that they will follow on the two days they are in school- click on the link below to access each teacher’s specific schedule (lunch/recess time varies)

 O’Donnell Schedule

Loreto Schedule

Winder Schedule

Nolt Schedule

If you noticed- when you click into each 5th grade teacher’s schedule- under Lunch/Recess, there is a “Zone” listed. Here is an image of where your child will be during their recess. Zones will change throughout the school year. This is to help promote social distancing at recess this year.

Wednesday (online) Schedule– On Wednesdays, we will be teaching through Google Meeting. Links will be available through their Google Classrooms. Our schedule is as followed:

9:00-9:15- Check in

9:15-10:15- ELA Instruction

10:30-11:30- Math Instruction

12:00-3:45- Office Hours (by appointment- please email your child’s specific teacher if needed)

Remote Days: When students are at home, they will be working asynchronously using their Google Classrooms as their platform. Students should expect to work 45 minutes to an hour per subject area.

**Important** Attendance on Remote Days: Students need to log in by 9:30 am on the days they are home. They will need to complete the Google Form that will be posted in their Google Classroom that essentially says “I’m here” however will also be based on work completion. They will have 2 days to complete work from the time it was posted. If it is not completed, they will be marked absent for that day.