Hello Hambright Family and Friends!

My name is Ashley Brubaker, I am the new music teacher here at Hambright Elementary. I am so very excited to be joining an amazing team of teachers here at Hambright and thrilled to have this opportunity to work with such bright students! This year I hope to not only educate your students, but open their eyes to the vast world of music and its many aspects! During this year I will be covering the following over arching topics:

  • Pitch Matching: the ability to sing and match sounds correctly
  • Steady Beat: the constant pulse of a song or rhyme (like a heart beat)
  • Simple Rhythms: using rhymes and songs
  • Simple Songs: all falling within the students’ voice range
  • Loud and Soft: as applied to music
  • Fast and Slow: as applied to music
  • High and Low: with pitches ranging from major 3rds to perfect 8ths

While teaching these concepts, I will introduce your child to other ways of expressing their ideas with art, movement and imagination. My overall goal is to give your child a quality music educational experience that will help to give them the tools they need to thrive in the fast paced, creativity driven world that we live in.

Thank you so much for supporting your student and their love of learning this school year! I am excited to meet the Hambright community this school year.

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