Lessons for Next Week

Monday: Cycle Day D1
5th and 6th Grade Percussion 11:20-11:40
5th Grade Violin 12:50-1:10
4th Grade Violins (4-R) 1:10-1:30
4th Grade Violins (4-G) 1:30-1:50
4th Grade Violins (4-S) 1:50-2:10
6th Grade Violins (6-R and 6-B) 2:10-2:30
6th Grade Violins (6-S and 6-W) 2:30-2:50
5th Grade Flutes (5-L) 2:50-3:10

Tuesday: Cycle Day A2
5th Grade Baritone 11:20-11:40

Wednesday: Cycle Day B2
5th and 6th Grade Bass 9:05-9:25
5th and 6th Grade Cello 9:30-9:50
5th Grade Beginner Flutes 11:20-11:40

Thursday: Cycle Day C2
4th Grade Trumpets (4-G and 4-S) 10:35-10:55
4th Grade Trombone 11:00-11:20
4th Grade Percussion 11:20-11:40

Friday: No School, No Lessons.