Mary Poppins Recommendations and Lessons Next Week

Good Afternoon!

I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that I have made my recommendations for students to audition for the high school’s production of Mary Poppins. All of the students who came to sing for me have been informed. Thank you to all the students who sang!

Lesson Next Week:

Monday: No Lessons, No School

Tuesday: Cycle Day D1
5th and 6th Grade Percussion 11:20-11:40
5th Grade Violin 12:50-1:10
4th Grade Violins (4-R) 1:10-1:30
4th Grade Violins (4-G) 1:30-1:50
4th Grade Violins (4-S) 1:50-2:10
6th Grade Violins (6-R and 6-B) 2:10-2:30
6th Grade Violins (6-S and 6-W) 2:30-2:50
5th Grade Flutes (5-L) 2:50-3:10

Wednesday: Cycle Day A2
5th Grade Baritone 11:20-11:40

Thursday: Cycle Day B2
5th and 6th Grade Bass 9:05-9:25
5th and 6th Grade Cello 9:30-9:50
5th Grade Beginner Flutes 11:20-11:40

Friday: Cycle Day C2
4th Grade Trumpets (4-G and 4-S) 10:35-10:55
4th Grade Trombone 11:00-11:20
4th Grade Percussion 11:20-11:40