Lessons For Next Week (Jan. 22-26)

Below is the lesson schedule for next week:

Monday: Cycle Day D2
4th Grade Trumpets (4-R) 11:20-11:40

Tuesday: Cycle Day A1
6th Grade Flutes 11:20-11:40

Wednesday: Cycle Day B1
5th and 6th Grade Clarinets 9:05-9:25
5th and 6th Grade Saxophones 9:30-9:50
5th and 6th Grade Trumpets 11:20-11:40

Thursday: Cycle Day C1
4th Grade Flutes 10:35-10:55
4th Grade Clarinets 11:00-11:20
4th Grade Saxophones 11:20-11:40

Friday: Cycle Day D1
5th and 6th Grade Percussion 11:20-11:40
4th Grade Violins (4-R) 12:50-1:10
4th Grade Violins (4-G) 1:10-1:30
4th Grade Violins (4-S) 1:30-1:50

Due to the All School Closing assembly that will be taking place on Friday afternoon, the only students who will have lessons will be the 4th grade violin students and the 5th and 6th grade percussion students.