Lessons Next Week (April 15-18)

Monday Cycle Day B1 :
6th Grade Clarinet

Tuesday Cycle Day C1:
4th Grade Cellos
4th Grade Baritones
Beginning Trumpets (Nina, Jaiden and Gavin)
**4th Grade Saxophone** (this is a temporary cycle day change from the regular schedule due to PSSA testing)

Wednesday Cycle Day D1:
4th Grade Violins
4th Grade Violas
5th Grade Violins 4th Grade Flutes
5th and 6th Grade Flutes (Maddie, Skyler and Reagan)

Thursday Cycle Day A2:
5th and 6th Grade Trumpets
A. Lualhati 
F. Mausolf 
A. Valskis 
D. Groff 
R. Quinn