Lesson For Next Week (Final Lessons of the School Year….Please Bring Your Instrument!)

Monday May 20 Cycle Day A1
5th and 6th Grade Saxophones

Tuesday May 21Cycle Day B1
6th Grade Clarinets

Wednesday May 22 Cycle Day C1
4th Grade Cellos 
4th Grade Baritones 
4th Grade Trumpets 
N. McComsey
J. Lualhati

Thursday May 23 Cycle Day D1
4th and 5th Grade Beginning Flute  
4th Grade Saxophone
5th and 6th Grade Flutes: 
M. Stern 
S. Janesky
R. Gerlach 
5th Grade Violins 
4th Grade Violins 
4th Grade Violas

Friday May 24 Cycle Day A2
5th and 6th Grade Trumpets 
A. Lualhati 
F. Mausolf 
A. Valskis 
D. Groff 
R. Quinn