No More Lessons for this School Year!

I just wanted to send a quick reminder that we are finished with during the school day lessons for the school year. We will resume next school year. 

Your student should have received a packet of music to practice over the summer and a list of places where your student musician can take private lessons over the summer. Private lessons are not required, but they are HUGE asset for any student who is playing an instrument. If you are able to, it would be greatly helpful for your student musician to receive individualized instruction from a specialist who specializes in the instrument that your student plays, even if just for the summer. 

On Tuesday, June 4th ALL of our student musicians will be performing at our All School Closing Assembly. All student musicians should bring their instrument to school on June 4th. I encouraged students in they String Ensemble and the Beginning Band to leave their instruments in the music room today so that they are here next week. If your student has not already brought their instrument to school, please encourage them to bring it before Tuesday. 
Thanks and have a great weekend!