Pajama Day Today and Tomorrow!

Dear Kindergarten Families,

Our class has earned another Marble Jar Party!

AM CLASS – Pajama day is Tomorrow, November 21st

PM CLASS – Pajama day is TODAY, November 20th

Here are a few guidelines for you about appropriate attire:

  • Please dress your child in pajamas that are appropriate for the weather outside. If your child is wearing a nightgown, please be sure your child has tights/leggings underneath.
  • Please have your child wear his/her pajamas to school. The bus drivers understand that pajama day is a special day!
  • Your child should wear regular shoes to school. Slippers and socks are too slippery on our floors and we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Thank you for your help in making this a successful day!


Mrs. Kirchner

872-9503 EXT. 3733

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Mitten Tree

Dear Families,
Our annual Mitten Tree will be set up in the Hambright lobby. Let’s synergize and fill our tree with mittens, hats, scarves and gloves that will be donated to families in need. All sizes from infant to adult will be accepted. Donations must be new and are due by Friday, December 21. Thank you for helping to keep Penn Manor families warm this winter!  

Amy BittenbenderHambright Elementary SchoolThird Grade717-872-9503 ext.

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Modified Kindergarten – November 16, 2018

What is Modified Kindergarten? Inclement Weather procedures are listed under the Inclement Weather Tab on this blog, but I wanted to repost it here since it is the first inclement weather of the year…

Two-hour delays with modified kindergarten: All school-related functions, including transportation, will begin exactly two hours later, except PM Kindergarten which will start one hour later. Please read below:

Modified kindergarten schedule: Morning kindergarten will start at 11 a.m. and run until 12:45 p.m. Afternoon kindergarten will run from 1:45 p.m. until the regular dismissal time.

Thank you and I will see you tomorrow!

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Please remember: No costumes in school today or tomorrow. Thank you!

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Our Families!

Family Trees hanging in the hallway
Student Example of a Family Tree

Our Second Unit in Social Studies is called “Families and Neighborhoods.”

Last week we had a great time focusing on our families!  We made a book about our families that will be displayed in our classroom library…thank you for sending in your family pictures to complete this special project!

After we counted the adults and children in our families, we made Family Trees – The pictures above are two examples of them hanging in the hallway.

We read “Bear’s Busy Family.”  Each person in Bear’s family liked to do different things. We talked about different things the people in our family like to do too! We also played a cross-over game about who is in our family! We also listened to Dr. Jean’s “We’re Goin’ On A Bearhunt.” The students loved searching for the bear through the peanut butter river and jelly swamp! Press here or on the picture below to hear the song!

We also read “Bee Bim Bop.” This story is about a little girl whose family loves to make a traditional Korean dish called, “Bee Bim Bop.” After we read the story, we wrote about a food that we like to eat with our families!

The Little Series!!! This is one of my favorite series of all time!!! 

We read, “Little Pea,” “Little Oink” and “Little Hoot.”  All of these endearing books were written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Jen Corace. Each character in the “Little” series does not like something that his mom and dad make him do. We laughed along with one another when we found out that Little Pea does not like to eat candy (because that’s what you have to do when you’re a pea), Little Oink does not like making a mess  
(because that’s what you have to do when you’re a pig) , and Little Hoot does not like to stay up late (because that’s what you have to do when you’re an owl) . Ask your children more about these books.

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September 7, 2018

We Are All Special!

Throughout this week, we talked about how we are different and how we are special. We read two stories that show we are all special, but we are also different. “Ellie” by Mike Wu (Click on the title for a reading of the story) is about a sweet elephant who saves the zoo when she discovers her artistic talent! Ellie showed us that we all have things that we can do and that is what makes us each special. We spent time talking and affirming each other about the things we can do!

Ellie by Mike Wu

We also read the story, “Elmer,”   by David McKee  (Click on the title for a reading of the story). Elmer showed us that we are special because of our differences and that life would be boring if we were all the same.  We painted with watercolors and talked about our favorite part of the story and also what makes us different and special!

Elmer by David McKee

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Water Bottles

Your child may bring a water bottle with them to school. Please make sure they can open/close the bottle by themselves and that it is leak-proof. Thank you!

Juice and soda are not allowed – thank you for your understanding on this.

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Our First Week!

August 29, 2018

Thank you to everyone who has sent in school supplies. You are all very generous and our kindergartners will have what they need to start the year with everything you have sent in.

We had a great first week! Your children are all very special. I have really enjoyed getting to know them better each day. They are doing a great job adjusting to our kindergarten schedule and routine. They are being friendly, kind, and they have been such good listeners while I am teaching. As you spend time giving your child hugs this weekend, please give them an extra one from me!  Oh, and please tell them they are doing a great job in kindergarten and that I love having them in our classroom! Here are some highlights:


First day….

We met Kinderoo and Joey!  We listened to a story called, “Pouch,” by David Ezra Stein where a Joey kangaroo tries exploring on his own, but when he gets scared, he jumps into his momma’s pouch! We laughed at the funny faces the Joey kangaroo made. He feels better at the end of the story when he makes a new friend!

We learned it is important to feel safe in school. If we follow the school rules, we keep ourselves and others safe! We also learned it takes time to feel safe in a new place and making new friends can help us feel better….so we spent time getting to know each other by playing together on the playground!


School Bus!

On our second day of school, we celebrated riding on the school bus! Listening to quality children’s literature brings a unique shared experience for children and also helps to develop their early reading skills! We listened to the story, “Don’t Let The Pigeon Ride The Bus!” by Mo Willems. (Click on the title or book picture below for a reading of the story!) We laughed and laughed through this fun story!! The students were engaged with the pigeon throughout the reading. He begged them to let him ride the bus, but the children adamantly told him, “No!”  After the reading, we glued the pigeon onto a bus. Some of us let him drive the bus, and some did not – take a look at the yellow school bus your child brought home…What did he/she decide to let the pigeon do? We graphed our results on the board and we saw that most of us let him drive the bus after all!


Our School!

We listened to this fun song called, “Pete The Cat Rocking In My School Shoes!”  by Eric Litwin (Click on the title or picture below for the song).

Then we took a tour of our school. As we walked around, we took pictures of the things we saw in our school…The Library, The Cafeteria, The Office, The Gym and The Nurse’s Office.

We are doing such a great job getting acquainted with our new classroom, our new friends, our new school and all the new teachers and staff who work in our building!


Please click on the links to re-read the stories we have read this week. Did you know that rereading enhances your child’s skills as a reader? See why below….

The Power of Rereading with Kids of All Ages


Click here for the full article! 

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