Just a reminder – No School Tomorrow, Friday, November 2nd.

Also, there will be NO PM Kindergarten on Wednesday, November 8th and NO PM Kindergarten on Thursday, November 9th.  Wednesday and Friday are our conference days – I look forward to talking with all of you!

We will have an extended day on FRIDAY, November 10th. The school day will run from 9 am – 1:30 pm. Your child may ride the bus to and from school.

You can always double check our schedule on our Calendar link at the top of my blog page or on Penn Manor’s main web page! Thank you!

Reading/Content: We read a lot of pumpkin books this week. They were all funny! “Splat The Cat,” “Pumpkin Trouble,” and “Spooky Pookie.” We also read a dress up book, called, “What Will You Be on Halloween?”

Mr. Muncher – We will be feeding Mr. Muncher the week of November 13th. More details to come next week!

Math – We will be completing Chapter 2 next week – keep practicing reading, writing and identifying the numbers 1-10. We will also be working on the concepts greater than/less than, One More Than and we will learn our ordinal numbers (first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth)!

Thank you to everyone who sent in supplies/donations and/or came into the classroom to help. We had a great day!

Pumpkin Cookies!

Students spread the icing on and then enjoyed this tasty treat. Everyone loved the pumpkin cookies!!!!


Pumpkin Sequencing – Students listened to a nonfiction book about how a pumpkin grows and then they glued the steps in order!

Pumpkin Craft….Check out these fun pumpkin faces!!!

Pumpkin Exploration…Students pulled out the inside of the pumpkin and counted the seeds. We used our senses to talk about how a pumpkin felt, smelled and what it looked like!

Click on a book cover to hear the story!

Reading/Content: What a fun week we had learning and reading about bats and pumpkins! We started our week wrapping up our mini unit on spiders by making a spider craft. Then we started learning about bats. We labeled a bat diagram and read the story, “Stellaluna.” After reading about the little bat Stellaluna and her bird friends, we made a Venn Diagram about how birds and bats are alike and different. We then read a story called, “Little Boo,” about a little pumpkin seed that wanted to be scary – but he was so small, he didn’t scare anything…until one day…. We ended the week reading a small printable called “Little Pumpkins.” Sit down with your child and have him/her read it to you sometime this weekend! There are little circles under each word to remind the students how to point 1-1 while they are reading. If they get stuck on a word, you can help them – have fun reading together!

Mr. Muncher –  We will be feeding Mr. Muncher next Wednesday, November 1st! Please help your child find a small item that stars with the letter sounds /a/ or /g/.

Math – We are continuing to recognize, count and write our numbers 1-10. Please continue to help your child read/write these numbers in and out of order. Also, have them practice counting small items to practice counting 1-1. Many children count an item more than once. Have them move the pieces as they count them or cross them out as they count them on paper.












The students have earned their first “Z Party.” Our classroom kangaroo made it all the way down the alphabet to the letter Z! The students voted and decided on a Movie/Popcorn party!  We will have our Z party this Friday! You do not need to send anything in – I just wanted you to be aware of what is going on in our room!

Reading/Content: What a fun week we had learning and reading about spiders! We sang a silly spider song, we read non-fiction books about spiders and wrote what we learned about spiders on a chart (ask your child what his/her favorite spider facts were). We read a wonderful fiction book together called, “Walter’s Wonderful Web.” We loved the little spider in this book, so we read a small paper book called, “I Love Spiders.” Have your child read this small paper book to you at home! Encourage your child to point to each word as they are reading this familiar book – and of course praise their efforts.

At the end of the week, we made a spider craft and wrote our favorite fact about spiders. The students and I enjoyed exploring and learning all we could about spiders.

Mr. Muncher –  We will be feeding Mr. Muncher next Friday, October 27th! Please help your child find a small item that stars with the letter sounds /a/ or /g/.

Math – We took our Chapter 1 Math Test. Thank you for working with your children at home. If you have any questions about the math test after it is sent home on Monday, please let me know.


To support the American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer, have your child wear pink tomorrow, October 19th!


Here is a great example of Hambright Students being Leaders!!! See the note below from 3 of our very own 6th grade students. If you want to send in supplies, please place it in a bag and label it “Donations for Puerto Rico.” Be sure to tell your child to give me the bag (I do not check backpacks) and I will be sure to send it down to the donation boxes. Thank you!!! 🙂

Dear Teachers of Hambright,

As you know, there was a hurricane in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago. We have gone to Mr. Howe and asked permission to do a donation drive to send goods to the people there who are suffering from the devastation.

We will be doing an announcement each morning this week, starting on Tuesday and will be putting boxes in the hallway to collect donations.  Boxes will be provided for household goods, prepackaged food and baby supplies.  These boxes will remain in the hallways until Friday, October 27th.


If you could please remind your students of our effort to help provide relief, we would really appreciate it.

Thank you in advance to everyone who supports this great cause!

October – If you would like your kindergartener to join in, please help them to pick the right clothes for each day of the week!

23             Red Ribbon Week – Team up Against Drugs. Wear your favorite sports team                      apparel.

24             Orange you glad you don’t do drugs. (wear orange)

25             Support Red Ribbon Week – Wear Red

26            Red Ribbon Week – Sock it to Drugs.  Show off your crazy socks.

27              Red Ribbon Week – Be a “Jean-ious” Don’t do Drugs (Wear jeans and Blue/Yellow or Leader T-shirts)

We have many fun days planned in October!

October 26th is our Kindergarten Literacy Night. Come and enjoy pizza with your family and go home with some fun games and new supplies! Please fill out and return the purple paper to let us know if you can come or not. Childcare will be provided for younger siblings. If you need another permission slip, please let me know.

October 30th is our Harvest Day Party. Please fill out and return the pink paper if you would like to volunteer and/or send in supplies. Thank you in advance! Your help with our Apple Day Party made the day a huge success!

Birthdays – We have a few birthdays coming up in October – Hooray! You may send in a treat for your child if you would like. We have 24 students in our class. Please keep treats peanut-free. No cakes/cupcakes please – thank you!

READING -This week we continued to practice how to work on our reading stations. The students have been doing an excellent job with the activities that practice reading and writing.

MR. MUNCHER – Please send in one item that starts with the letters “c” or “o” on Thursday, October 19.

MATH- We talked about equal to, greater than and less than in math this week. We counted two groups and talked about whether they were equal to, greater than or less than.

BOOK POUCHES – Please make sure your child’s book pouch stays in his/her backpack – we use these for quiet reading every day. Thank you.

Z-Party! Everyday when the students work hard and follow the classroom rules, they earn happy points. At the end of the day if they have more Happy than Sad points, our kangaroo moves another letter down the alphabet. We are up to the letter V!  Stay tuned for information about our very first Z-Party.  Only a few more letters to go!!!

Thank you for all your support. We have a great classroom of students. I feel so blessed to work with your children each and every day!


The students have been working hard learning how to work at reading stations. We have learned how to…Write around the room, Read at our classroom library, Practice making letters and words and Listening to books on the computer (at the listening station).

At the end of the week, we listened to a story, called “Dex, The Heart of a Hero.”  We enjoyed this endearing story of a dog named Dex who always dreamed of being a hero. He had to work very hard to become what he always wanted to be. Afterwards, we talked about how we are training our brains  to become “Super Readers!” (Click on the title or book cover to listen to a reading of the story.)

We have practiced the letters m,n, i and u this week! We are becoming Super-Letter-And-Sound-Heroes!

Mr. Muncher: Please bring in one item that starts with /i/ or /u/ next Thursday, October 12th.

Math – Please continue practicing how to write the numbers 1-5 and how to identify the numbers 1-5, how to correctly count items 1-5 (many times students will count the same item twice- if your child does this, have him/her “move” small items like cheerios as they count them or draw a line through each item as they count on paper). Thank you!

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